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Journeyman III

Streaming issues with 5700XT



I wanna stream Apex Legends on my Facebook page.


But when I go live my games frames are dropped so much that means when I am playing games normally without streaming it run so smooth. But only while streaming on Facebook page that problem happen (frame/fps drop) normally it's remain 143 lock but on streaming goes down to 70-60 . Radeon setting for game all functions are deactivate. In game graphics low profile.


Pc config


Ryzen 7 3700x Gigabyte Rx5700xt (driver version 21.4.1) 16 gb Corsair 3200Mhz(XMP activated) 144Hz 1440p monitor Windows 10 21H1


StreamLab Obs.


Please help me.


What should I do ?

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