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Journeyman III

sekiro texture pop-in

Hey guys! noob here, just wondering if anyone has run into this problem and if there is another solution than the one described below:

I found the links below while looking for the problem as it happens to me too. Sekiro textures pop in like crazy in Hirata State (other levels too but this is the worst)

Just like the videos comments, rolling back to 19.1.1 solves this but I was wondering if there is an official solution incoming?

My specs:

msi z390 gaming plus

i5 8400

rx 480 8gb oc (gigabyte)

16 gb corsair ddr4

WD 2 TB hdd


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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Re: sekiro texture pop-in

Driver issues should be reported to AMD:

AMD Issue Reporting Form 



Re: sekiro texture pop-in

by pop-ins are you talking about the raindrops that appear in front of the character in those two YouTube videos?

By the way, Nice Graphics.

Have you tried to open a Support Ticket with the game's creator or checked to see if there are any new game patches to install? 

Possibly if there is a new game patch it may resolve your problem with the latest AMD Driver. If not do as kingfish‌ suggested and open a AMD Service Request Ticket to let AMD know of the problem with the game.

Journeyman III

Re: sekiro texture pop-in

I have exactly the same problem : Pop textures, especially on rocks. That during all the game, it's too ugly.

And we are not the only ones :

I have the latest update of my R9 390 and the latest Sekiro update.

Do something, please !