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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 2600 3.4Ghz (YD2600BBAFBOX) issues with 32Gb DDRAM4 ?


i have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU (ref: YD2600BBAFBOX) and it works great with 16GB DDRAM (2666Mhz) in 2x8Gb kit or 1x16Gb, but when i upgrade it to 32Gb whatever the motherboard is or the memory, every time it freeze.

Before i had a ASUS TUF B450M motherboard with 4x8GB HyperX 2666Mhz and now i changed the MB for an ASRock B450 Pro 4 with 2x16GB Hyper 2666Mhz (kit ref: HX426C16FB3K2/32) and it freeze in the bios, or under Ubuntu 19.10, or under WIndows 10 x64.

Firstly i thought the memory and MB were the root of my issue but since i changed them i do not understand.

Please can you tell me if the CPU REALLY supports 4 slots (to max 64GB as documentation tells) and if there are some issue with 32GB DDRAM4 in 2666Mhz ?

I mounted thousands of computers during 15 years as PC assembler and i've never had such issue. It's weird.


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Your RAM MEMORY is not listed under ASRock Motherboard QVL List for Pinnacle Processors: ASRock > B450 Pro4 

These are the only 16 GB RAM MEMORY with HX426C part numbers.

Try installing just one 16 GB RAM MEMORY and see if it works correctly. IF it does then that probably indicates that the motherboard isn't compatible with 2 x 16gb RAM MEMORY of the Specific RAM part number that you are using.

The QVL List are RAM MEMORY that has been TESTED by ASRock to be compatible with your motherboard.

It is possible this list is out-dated or your RAM wasn't listed because it hasn't been tested yet or it was found to be incompatible.

NOTE: Your latest Motherboard BIOS version for Pinnacle Processors is version 3.50. Any BIOS version above 3.60 ASRock warns about not updating to this version if you are using a Pinnacle Processor:

I would updated the BIOS to version 3.50 and install the latest CHIPSET from ASROCK.

or you could download a newer B450 AMD CHIPSET (03/19/2020) from AMD Download page from here: