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Ryzen 2700X Wraith Prism Cooler fan going bad? How do I do warranty return for that?

Hey guys, new here. I have a Ryzen 2700x (that comes with the Prism cooler) and it has been installed for about a month and a half. Today the fan starting making this loud ticking\buzzing sound that comes and goes with RPMS, and it does get pretty loud. I know for sure it wasn't doing this before as now it almost sounds as if a type-writer is in my case at times, and I've for sure narrowed it down to the cooler. AMD doesn't have a return area for the coolers, just CPUs, so I went ahead and filled that request form out, was that the right way to go about this?

The noise is super distracting and I don't want the fan go to out and hurt my new 2700X.


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If you're sure it's not a sloppy manufacturing defect, like routing the fan cable wrong so it hits the fan blades, then they're likely going to have you return both the CPU and cooler since they're a packaged item. The best thing to do is get an aftermarket cooler as they are both quieter and higher performance.

Well...that sucks. Half the reason I got the 2700X was because of the cooler, it was pretty much whisper quiet and looks great, I would have gotten the 2700 if I wanted a aftermarket cooler since then I could actually over-clock, it seems pointless to add a performance aftermarket one when the stock one is supposed to be quiet and cools VERY well and you can't over-clock the 2700X anyway, so why bother?

Also the fan kinda now sounds at high rpms as if it has like sand in the bearings bouncing around....very strange

I still put in a request so...we'll see...but if they say send the chip back as well I'm just using my extended return period and going back to Intel, this was my first time back with AMD after 8 years, so having an issue be solved in such a silly way (my computer would be down for at least 2-3 weeks, when they could just ship the cooler out to me and I ship the bad one back to them) isn't going to work for me.

Guess I'll wait and see what they say :-\

Either way you will be out of action, can't use a CPU without a cooler, and they don't advance ship, but AMD doesn't make the fans that go on the coolers.

Well, not quite. I was hoping AMD would just do what some other companies do (mainly tech) and just charge me for the cooler, they send it out, I am still up and running, then when the new cooler gets here, bam pop it on, ship the old one back, refund. It's been a life saver and MSI and Intel and Gigabyte have done it, though that was GPU's and SSDS. I guess that is the in advance thing you were mentioning that they don't do, dang.

Yes, advance RMA, AMD doesn't do them.

Welp. Need some better quality control then considering if you don't use the stock cooler on the X version you void your "warranty." Blah. Have another en-route I just know from now on to never buy a Ryzen X anything. Seriously could have used that money towards a H100-H110I RGB and actually WOULD be able to overclock. Making the cooler look pretty and all is nice, and apparently 90% of parts are from Cooler master, but being cheap with the fan and the bearings?

Ugh. As if the clips weren't annoying enough design wise, don't get why they make it so hard to mount and you can't even replace the fan . I do have another Wraith Prism coming....but I had to pay for it and I'm not happy about that. Last chance I give their coolers a chance , do love the CPU though and AMD is making amazing strides, Zen 2 looks impressive and I hope it is going to still utilize full AM4 like AMD promised, but I look it up and its gonna be offered in three different sockets? What? TR4, SP3, and AM4? O.o I went AMD to be future proof until at least 2020, Intel has always upset me with the way they always change sockets and force a new motherboard.


That's not true, never was, and AMD changed the language in the warranty statement to prevent that interpretation. Also, you could have been like me and not even have a stock cooler (AMD did not include one with the 1800X), so if my cooler goes bad, I have no fallback option.


Alright makes sense that you don't require their "specific" coolers I don't see how they could ever tell either, if you did have a issue when using an aftermarket one, is the prism I ordered starts making this sound then I'll just go to the H100i which kept my 3570k overclocked 1.1ghz and mount it at the front of my lan-case. The RGB fans Corsair has sucks but on my last rig I put in gentle typhoons (Scythe) and it cooled fine. I was just finally a sucker for this new Wraith Prism and it cools SO well but it just now became loud so I'm just like cut me a break :-\ it was PERFECT until it got loud making the weird bearing sounds and tick tick tick as if something is caught inside the bearing.

Even now with the PRISM I only max out at about 58-62c in Battlefield 1 and V. Idle it is sitting at 30c...the prism works but these chips do have a proper thermal shutdown if that bearing stops right?


Thankfully with Ryzen they adopted a throttle then thermal shutdown, I found that out when my Corsair H105 developed a fault (air bubble) which would cause overheating at random times. I used to use Scythe fans, but the sleeve bearings wore out extremely fast. Now I use COUGAR Vortex fans on my case and radiator. See also: Why I love Ryzen (and liquid cooling)​ But yea the fans are made mass market and can fail due to any number of reasons. Heck, I've had one of these -expensive- Cougar fans fail before after a short time even though they use the vaunted Hydrodynamic Bearing system, so the ball, if not sleeve, bearing on stock fans is much more prone to a failure.

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My does the same unnaceptable sound since day 1. I tried to receive a new one but looks like i will have to send the processor and cooler and staying without working for some time, and know i see it s a common problem with this cooler.