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Journeyman III

Rx 580 Saphire Nitro+

Hey Guys, I play games like CSGO, GTA V, Fifa20.

In Csgo fps is at around 200-250 FPS, and suddenly go on 10fps for few seconds and than back, all the time. In Fifa it s always go down on the same time in Match. GTA V same problem,CSgo same

I have changed GPU Workload on Compute and it is a little bit better, but its not playable.

Before 4months was everything okay, I played Fortnite, GTA V,...I didn't have these problems, and than i didn't play any games for 2months. Now i just installed fifa, wanted to play,but it is unplayable, then i tried other games.

Windows is restarted with all the documents and drivers ...from 0

I have the latest driver( i tried others too), and yes, the FPS drops are always paired with sound stuttering.

Temp is between 48-60c

Pc Specs:

Ryzen 2600

G.Skill Aegis 2x8gb

ASRock b450 pro

Crucial 500gb SSD

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Journeyman III

It may be problems with bottleneck 


I reset windows earlier this week myself but I have an RX 480 8GB

so far games are working but sound it still an issue with bluetooth, some games work fine, others do not