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Adept I

Relive Capturing cursor when in FPS games

Heya, this has probably been answered a few times before but can't find any info on this other than an old thread: https: //community. amd. com/t5/gaming-discussions/i-need-to-record-games-without-the-mouse-cursor/td-p/128276

Essentially they say "screw you use another software" and that it's working as intended. If it does, isn't that kinda dumb? I would love the easiness of using AMDs built in record function

but I just got my 7800xt and it's performance is great compared to my old gtx 960, however, when I try to use amd relive in any and all games on my PC, it always captures the mouse cursor for some reason. Can I make it so it doesn't capture the mouse cursor? It's really annoying

I managed to find that if I turn off desktop recording it doesn't capture the mouse, but in shadowplay, it didn't capture the mouse cursor if I was in game but only whilst in a "non game" program

Example video: https://

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no I only record with desktop mode disabled

No issues with that

But then I play windowed -noborder (or fullscreen windowed)


Just tried switching to proper fullscreen and did not have issue recording (game is added in AMD software)

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Adept I

I tried in a couple of other games other than CS2 which is still in beta and those worked flawless, this issue might be because AMD software doesn't "recognize" CS2 as a game and that's why it tries to capture the mouse cursor aswell?


I know my first post said any and all games but as of now it's working in every game but CS2, might have just needed a restart of my pc

I just noticed the exact same thing in cs2

Only in cs2



Cant move it in any way, unless I am in the ui parts of the game


Adding cs2.exe to games in AMD software does not seem to help


7900 XTX Nitro+

Drivers 23.7.2

(because 23.8.1+ introduces a bug with wrong colors in Vegas Pro rendering, which also happened years ago..just like this

reported with bug report tool)


Nice knowing I'm not the only one having this issue


I also reported with the bug report tool, however my driver version is 23.9.1 Also, doing the same as you and adding CS2 to the games didn't help at all. I'm also unable to record CS2 if I don't enable Desktop recording, even though it's in full screen. Would you mind checking if this is the case for you aswell?

no I only record with desktop mode disabled

No issues with that

But then I play windowed -noborder (or fullscreen windowed)


Just tried switching to proper fullscreen and did not have issue recording (game is added in AMD software)

It worked for me this evening for some reason aswell


I tried what you mentioned earlier with the colours being weird when rendering in Sony Vegas, it's the same for me aswell that some of the colours get inverted which is also very annoying

btw, since I upgraded to 23.9.3 which claims to have cs2 support

I can no longer record with relive without Desktop recording -.-


So much for added support of the game xD


Restarts are not helping

Worked fine before the update


In Beta the sandbox wasnt active which was included for years to CSGO.

You can try: -allow_third_party_software


But this will decrease your trust factor and you will have maybe more bad experience in match making

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I see

Didnt know about that launch parameter


But anyways, it does not help.

Enabling Record Desktop and then it works, gonna have to stick with that for now


How do you accomplish this? In my Adrenalin software, it automatically goes to record desktop. Even if I record a region and it asks for the program, it still won't record unless Record Desktop is enabled. 

Journeyman III

Yea, have the exact same problem. I know you need to enable desktop recording, but with that, does it still record the cursor after 23.9.3 or is it fixed for you?

Adept I

Got the exact same Issue. Still not fixed with Driver Ver. 23.10.2

Adept II

At least the wrong colors in Vegas Pro 21 rendering is now fixed in 23.11.1

Mouse being recorded in CS2 still not fixed

Adept I

I cant believe the da-mn cursor recording in CS2 with Relive is still not fixed