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Journeyman III

Radeon RX6650XT trouble connecting to monitor

I have a Radeon RX 6650 XT that has developed a problem I need help figuring out please. I am running driver 23.3.1. The problem is when I turn my monitor off at night and the then turn the monitor back on in the morning it will not receive a signal from the graphics card. The monitor just keeps looking for a video signal for both the HDMI and the Display Port connections. I have to reset the PC for the video signal to reconnect. Once I restart/Reset the PC the monitor connects with out problem.

What do I need to do to correct this problem?

Thank You,


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Adept II

I had the same problem with every 23.x.x driver. I rolled back to the 22.11.2 driver to eliminate the problem.

I'm not going to install any new 23.x.x until it is confirmed that this problem has been fixed.

Thanks, I will try that and see if it fixes the problem.