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Journeyman III

Purchased 5900X using Paypal, no order confirmation email or processing email yet


I'm hoping there's someone here who can assist with checking on the order; I didn't see any contact details for the AMD store that weren't warranty or technical help.

My invoice # is 103313892013.

Earlier today I was lucky enough to purchase a 5900X thru AMD's direct website; I immediately received a paypal credit confirmation email, but haven't received anything further. My wife used a credit card to purchase one as well for her build, and she has since received the 2 typical emails that come post-order process.

I'd appreciate some help; if you need any further details I'll be happy to provide. Thank you for your time!


Edit: I forward the email used for paypal to another address, and the original service marked these as spam for some reason. I hope this might help anyone out there experiencing what they think is the same issue, feel free to marked this solved.