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PSA: Headed into Black Friday, AMD’s Midrange GPU Prices are Really, Really Good

I don’t normally write about GPU sales — Grant covers that side of ExtremeTech. While updating our GPU buying guide, however, I came across a couple of price cuts on Team Red that were good enough to deserve to be called out separately. Newegg shows RX 570 GPUs with 4GB of RAM for $139, RX 570 cards with 8GB of RAM for $149, and RX 580 cardsSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce at $189. As an added bonus, the cards all come with your choice of two of the following three games: Tom Clancy’s The Division, Resident Evil 2 (remake), and Devil May Cry 5.

As with all game offerings, your mileage may vary, and how attractive these titles are will depend on whether you want to play them in the first place. As a matter of price/performance, however, the RX 570 is a fabulous position at $139. A recent review of the RX 570 by Tech Spot found that this GPU was just three percent slower than the GTX 1060 3GB. At $139, it’s a full $20 cheaper than the cheapest GTX 1050 Ti you can buy and faster than that GPU by a substantial margin.

The RX 570 does draw significantly more power than a GTX 1050 Ti or 1060, but the tradeoff is worth it given the significantly better price/performance ratio. This is easily the best midrange deal you can pick up today.

The RX 580 is in a similarly favored position, though not to quite the same extent. This GPU generally competes with the GTX 1060, landing between the 3GB and 6GB versions overall, but losing some tests and winning others depending on the game benchmark and API in question. At $189, the RX 580 should be considered the price/performance leader here as well, however. Benchmarks of the recently-released RX 590 revealed that a 3GB framebuffer sometimes isn’t large enough to run the latest games at full detail, even in 1080p, and I’d counsel against buying a card with less than 4GB of memory above the $150 price point from any vendor. $30, at this price point, represents a 1.16x increase, and AMD has a better deal with the RX 580 than anything I’ve seen from NV at this time.

The RX 570 SEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commercegets the nod for best-positioned GPU over the RX 580 because it’s gotten price cuts sufficient to move it into an entirely different bracket. It ought to compete more against the GTX 1060 3GB, but a $139 price puts it in 1050 Ti territory — and it’ll win those comparisons even in games that explicitly favor NV GPUs. These prices are explicitly labeled as sale pricing good for the next six days, so don’t count on them sticking around forever.

PSA: Headed into Black Friday, AMD's Midrange GPU Prices are Really, Really Good - ExtremeTech

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Hard to believe the RX 580 8GB had an MSRP of $229 a year ago before the cryptocurrency boom jacked prices through the stratosphere (and now they're crashing, hopefully resulting in some miners going bankrupt), so now a year and a half old card selling for $40 less than launch is a good deal...Let's all pray Navi delivers excellent performance per shader gains over Polaris or we're all in deep trouble...