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Journeyman III

Primary monitor dropping to 60hz - delay in second monitor

Hi there,

So i have a dual monitor setup 1x 27" 1440p 144hz freesync(dp) and other is 1080p 60hz(hdmi). When i go into games on the 1440p monitor everything on the second screen gets a 2-3second delay. and the 144hz monitor drops to 60hz. ive seen lots of threads on this on other forums but all seem to be around nvidia cards. ive tried a few things with syncs, display settings, hz changes, clean driver installs and even running second monitor off igpu. Only thing which makes it kinda bareable is running games in fullscreen and not windowless fullscreen but that still gives lag in second window. Which is not what i want when trying to do anything on it like listen to music, watch videos/twitch, stream etc etc.. Has anyone had and overcome this problem? contemplating doing a clean win10 install to see if it does anything.

When running off 2x 60hz monitors its clean n smooth but with a 144hz its terrible. even trying to output on obs the framerate drops to 10fps.

specs are :

OS: WIN10 1803(x64)

MB: Asus Z170-AR

CPU: I7 7700K

GPU: 8gb Vega 56

RAM: 16gb 2400 Corsair LPX

MONITOR 1: Acer KG271UA 144hz

MONITOR 2: Samsung BX2450 60hz


Adrenalin 18.6.1

Thank you for your help.

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