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Post flooding?

In what universe is posting more than one message every 5 minutes an example of "post flooding".  I understand the desire to cut down on spam, but for a user ID that isn't new, this kind of nonsense should be disabled.

As it stands, that kind of policy renders these forums utterly unusable.  I can't even post this particular message yet due to that absurd timer.  Once I'm able to successfully post it, I won't be returning to the 10 message tabs I have open where I might have been able to provide some kind of assistance, because I don't have 50+ minutes to spare, while I did have the 5-10 minutes or so it would take me to read and answer those messages if I were able.

And the timer resets each time you try to post.  There are zero good words one could say about this policy.

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Maybe @Ray_AMD  or @Matt_AMD  could look into this? It is a real bummer.

Community Manager

I understand your frustration, but we were dealing with an unmanageable volume of spam, with almost a dozen posts made in a short period of time. 

We will consider your feedback to see how we can tweak the settings.


Appreciate your help.

And now its a 10 minute wait.

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@Ray_AMDis this still being looked into?

It's super frustrating trying to actually help someone when you have to twiddle your thumbs for ten minutes between posts.

It's especially bad when someone posts a question that can only be answered with "You need to provide more info" because they only take a minute to reply to.

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I can't see how you can carry a conversation when you cannot reply before ten minutes.

@Ray_AMDis it now safe to assume that this delay is never going to change? Considering it's over six months now.

It really discourages people from actively trying to help others. I post a question then have to twiddle my thumbs for 10 minutes before I can actually reply to someone else? And heaven forbid actually being online at the same time as someone else and trying to actually converse about a problem.

Surely you could be spam filtering based on similarity between the users' posts not just relying on a throttle? After all a bot could easily be programmed to just wait 10 minutes and post again. The only ones being hindered here are real people trying to post


Unfortunately, we've been seeing a large uptick in spam posts and political discourse posts.

Basically, just people trying to cause problems.

Keeping a tight control on post volume also reduces server load and response time.

Our communities only goal is to help with PC hardware and software issues.

Aside from that I'm from Texas and have a keen nose for BS and learned a long time ago you don't have to step in it to know what it is.

There is also the fact that members dedicated to helping with legitimate PC issues have 0 tolerance for spam abusive divisive or derogatory comments.   

However I have encountered some inconsistencies at times with the post flooding feature. Sometimes I could respond to 3 posts in quick succession before a waiting period. Sometimes I could post 5 to 7 tops before a waiting period. 

I would guess that if you are actually helping solve PC issues and not trying to form likes as if you are on Facebook or Twitter then you may be granted more freedom. However if your just farming likes the site managers and moderators can restrict your post volume at will. 

The problem is how do you help people (regardless of whether you're "farming likes" or not) when the system won't let you post? Frankly they could do away with the kudos or badges or whatever they're called and it wouldn't bother me. But it super discouraging to want to help but basically get told "you have to wait". Frankly it makes me want to go elsewhere.

And this post has been delayed... because I posted less than 10 minutes ago apparently...

And the second time I tried to post it it wouldn't let me despite being well over 10 minutes from the previous post (18 minutes in fact).  So the damned timer seems to reset if you try to post and you haven't judged the timer right. So now apparently I have to sit around for another 10 minutes before I can post this... make that *try* to post this. Honestly, this drives away people seeking help and people trying to help.

If you log out and log back in it will reset that timer. Unless the management/moderators have flagged you as an abuser of the forum in any way.

You really need to take this matter up with them more one on one.

Nagging about the forum in the forum will not improve your situation.

The site managers/moderators respect professional discourse when handled in an appropriate manner usually in a private message way. This last statement is a hint. 

You can also select the members profile that you are helping and private message them.


I wasn't aware of the log out and back in suggestion. That's handy to know thanks.

I didn't feel that it was necessary to discuss one on one because I assumed (rightly or wrongly I don't know) that everyone was affected by the ten minute delay and as such more people than just me had an interest in the issue.

I wouldn't call making a post more than 6 months (I think it was 8 months) after the previous one nagging. The earlier reply seemed to indicate that the situation was being looked at. So it certainly seemed appropriate to ask after 8 months what the situation was. Even if it was just to clarify that "it's not going to change" or "it's still under consideration".

Anyway, I don't know what changed but it's not taking 10 minutes between posts now. Which is an absolute godsend. Thanks to whoever changed it.

Frankly PMing members you're trying to help when it's a help forum is not a great way to do things for a couple reasons. Firstly, other people don't realise that has happened and potentially waste time duplicating effort. Secondly, if too much of the conversation is had privately then it makes it harder for other people to contribute because they don't know what's been discussed. And finally, if the entire conversation is held in PM then the solution isn't visible to other people who have the problem. So while you may help one person that doesn't assist others with the same issue.


The 10 minute Anti-Spam feature is call Flood Control. If it has any bugs in it AMD isn't the one to troubleshoot the issue but rather the company that operates the software that run AMD Forums.

AMD can adjust or tweak settings, in my opinion, but if it is a bug or flaw in the software then Khoros, I believe, it is the one that does the actual troubleshooting since it is their software. It might takes months to figure or fix any bugs that occurs.


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I Just created my account to work through issues I had while evaluating ROCm vs CUDA for a new project, and I'm encountering the same issues. It is incredibly frustrating.

I suppose that the moderators position makes sense if we were all forced to use AMD hardware and had no choice but to tolerate this crap. Fortunately, that is not the case.



Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for being patient with us about this "issue". I agree with you, the Flood Control Tool didn't help much with delivering a welcoming/seamless experience in our forums.  

On March 21 (and 22), we were able to adjust the setting of the Flood Control Tool to address the issue. By now, all of you should no longer experience or receive an message errors related to "flooding". 

@Anonymous I'm going to check your profile settings in just a moment; if needed, I'll update it right away and will keep you in the loop (I'll just post here). 



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Hi! I just updated your profile, you are good to go!
Your biggest fan!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800XT


I'm looking to help people on this forum and I keep running into the user post flood issue, can you relax it for me. I'm not looking to cause any issues, I just want to help others. Thank you for your assistance in this problem.