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Post flooding?

In what universe is posting more than one message every 5 minutes an example of "post flooding".  I understand the desire to cut down on spam, but for a user ID that isn't new, this kind of nonsense should be disabled.

As it stands, that kind of policy renders these forums utterly unusable.  I can't even post this particular message yet due to that absurd timer.  Once I'm able to successfully post it, I won't be returning to the 10 message tabs I have open where I might have been able to provide some kind of assistance, because I don't have 50+ minutes to spare, while I did have the 5-10 minutes or so it would take me to read and answer those messages if I were able.

And the timer resets each time you try to post.  There are zero good words one could say about this policy.

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Re: Post flooding?

Maybe @ray_m  or @amdmatt  could look into this? It is a real bummer.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Post flooding?

I understand your frustration, but we were dealing with an unmanageable volume of spam, with almost a dozen posts made in a short period of time. 

We will consider your feedback to see how we can tweak the settings.


Appreciate your help.


Re: Post flooding?

And now its a 10 minute wait.

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Re: Post flooding?

@ray_mis this still being looked into?

It's super frustrating trying to actually help someone when you have to twiddle your thumbs for ten minutes between posts.

It's especially bad when someone posts a question that can only be answered with "You need to provide more info" because they only take a minute to reply to.

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