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Pleasing and informative new AMD Forum format - Opinion only

First time I logged on to the new AMD Forum format. Needed to change my old Password which wasn't any good any more.

Seems like AMD got rid of JIVE and replaced it with Khoros. Hopefully Khoros will be less annoying than JIVE.

The look is rather pleasing and colorful with a lot of information in each page. 

Rather perplexed by the rating system of KUDOs.  Seems like the old Point system ranking has been replaced by KUDOs ranking.

One thing I noticed you now can delete your Private Messages or mark them as Read which is a nice feature from the old AMD format which it didn't have.

The Thread view is more informative but in a simpler format. Now it shows how many Users have opened each thread and whether it is solved.

I also like that now you have a drop down menu to go to another AMD Forum unlike the old AMD format.

At the top you have your In-Box and PM with separate Icons now instead of everything being in the In-box like the old AMD Format which is a nice feature.

Haven't done anything else but just noting my first impressions of the new AMD Format.  Later on if I see anything that is annoying or hinders the User's experience at AMD Forum I will make a note of it and mention it.

But KUDOs to Sam and all the other AMD employees involved in making this new Format for all Users a better experience.

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Okay found my first annoyance.

How can you delete a reply or Post at AMD Forum?

How can you change a Post from Question to Discussion?

I noticed the three vertical dots at the upper right corner of your reply you can edit your reply but not delete it.

I like the ALT-F10 to bring up the toolbar which makes it less cluttered until you need it.


None of my bookmarks a matter of fact they are gone:


I think the Forum looks much nicer and I hope it will encourage more people to get involved.
I am sure there will be improvements that go in to the forum moving forward.
Unfortunately some of my archives of old content and threads on the old interface have vanished.
Looking at a number of my older posts, an number of feature requests and bug reports I was asking for in the past have been implemented in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI/UI and or Adrenalin 2020  20.9.2 GUI/UI and the latest drivers.
I will try to go through those and close them.
Looking forward to see RX6000 series launch and reviews.

Has the new AMD Community Forum been announced yet? 

Thank you all for your constructive feedback; very helpful! :smileyhappy:

I'm planning on tracking this discussion for a little while longer, probably for a week or so to allow anyone else provide his/her feedback as well as. 

In turn, I will do my best to provide you answers and/or tips. 

Your biggest fan!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800XT
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Sam can you help me to get into my account please?

I can't seem to get into the Knowledge base..

Yah that whole FAQ is missing.

ok :smileytongue:

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This is Pokester but I can't get into my account. It won't let me reset as it says the email I registered with is invalid! I don't know who to talk to to get this fixed. If any of you guys knows, please pass this along. 

You mean you are able to Log on and reply to threads but the icons above doesn't open (Mail, In-box, AMD logo)?


I tell you something I REALLY dislike, and that's the removed ability to paste images directly into the response box, and I also dislike the decision to not include mandatory system specs in a drop box the way other forums have. No ability to delete your own posts is also a feature we need back as well.

Test post:


At least now we can say "David Wang" without being told it's inappropriate.

Okay tried to paste an image and wouldn't work. Then used "Photos" to insert the image and I got this error message: Uploading Screenshot 2020-11-02 154222.png resulted in the following error: You have reached your upload limit of 1,000 images.

So if a User uploads more than 1000 images the entire time that he is a member of AMD Forum that User will be blocked for the rest of the time he is a member?

In my case, post images is one the best ways to show other Users what you are explaining or talking about. That old cliche applies here: One image is worth a thousand words.




I reported this to Ray...he said will pass it on. Do you have any of your bookmarks?

To tell you the truth I haven't used the Bookmark feature here at AMD Forums.

I don't know how many Bookmarks you had before but if you go to My Profile (AMD LOGO), My Settings, then click on "Home Page" the default limit amount of Bookmarks and Friends is  "10". I just increased from 10 to 100 and it was successfully saved but when I first inputted 1000 it showed an error.  

So I you need to find out what is the Maximum amount of Bookmarks and Friends you can have with your profile. 

Okay I tried to upload another image again and got the same 1000 max limit used. But this time I noticed on the page where to upload your image there is a "Saved Library" (Upper right corner of page where to upload your image). There are all of my 1000 images I have posted in the past 5 years. At least the first or last 1000 images in my "Album".


Nor can I delete my Album to get rid of all of my previous images.

Found out how to delete your previous images. Need to go to your "Profile"  Scroll downward til you see "My Photos" click on "View All". There you can start deleting images from your album.

Go to the upper left 3 dots and click on Batch Processing. now you have a Menu to delete all the photos one at a time or all of them at one time.

But when I try to delete one image I get an error message. So I clicked on "Check All" and then clicked on "Delete ALL" and then clicked on Confirm. 

The Confirm box became grayed out, I guess since it is supposed to be deleting a 1000 images. But since I got an error with trying to delete just one image I seriously doubt it will delete all the images in my Photo Album.

Anyway I will wait and see what happens.

Edit: Seems like it just deletes One page of Photos at a time, very annoying and time consuming,  and I have over 80 pages of photos. I am now down to 78 pages from 84 pages. plus and takes a few minutes to delete each page.

When I tried to delete an entire Album I get the error that nothing was checked to be deleted even though I clicked on "Check All" for deletion.


Same here. Despite the supposed ability to check albums, you cannot actually check them to delete them...

You can delete one page of photos at a time though. I am now down to 74 pages from 84 but it is taking a long time to delete each page.

I have AMD Forum opened on two tabs on my browser. Deleting photos on one and answering threads on the other tab.

I'd suggest you hold of deleting old images. The new platform is parameter driven, so I'm sure changing the limit is simply editing a value.

I have a follow up call with the implementation team this morning where I will raise this issue.

Good morning everyone, 

About the 1000 max limit - Please give me a few. I will look into this with the rest of my team and get back to you; I want to make sure we will be able to address this feature (and its setting) for everyone (both new and senior members of our community).

Thank you in advance for your patience and your feedback.


Your biggest fan!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800XT

Well we are missing the 'report spam' button...why do we need it? >

They are selling fake English drivers license.

Someone needs to get on this...the Chinese will be right behind

I just reported that thread as being "Inappropriate" .

Go to the upper right corner where the 3 dots are and click on that. At the very bottom of the menu you will see "Inappropriate Content"

After clicking on that I wrote why it was inappropriate and received a message that a Moderator will be notified.

Ahhh...OK thanks. Old dogs take longer with new stuff....

BTW...have you checked out the emoticans? No more smiley:robotmad:

Maybe the smiley will come later as they figured with the growing pains there would be nothing initially to smile about. LOL

Also......Derrick Henry  4carries -1yd

Okay is anyone else thinking that: Didn't people stop saying Kudo's in the 90's?

Took almost 2 hours but deleted all my photos in my album by opening 6 AMD Forum Tabs and deleting 6 pages of photos at a time.

This was an old image I had that I uploaded just now. So that means I don't have the maximum photos of 1000 anymore. But it was tedious and annoying spending that much time deleting one page at a time instead of the entire photo album at once.


Screenshot 2020-11-02 154222.png


EDIT: Unfortunately, you can't Hot key "Paste" anymore. You need to click on the "Photo" icon to upload any images.

@elstaci   so every time you post a picture to help an OP it counts toward your 1000 limit?

With me...I started out with 1000. Can't reduce it either

You can reduce it by going to "My Profile" then scroll down to 'My Photos" and click on "View All". Then on the upper left corner where the 3 dots are located click on that and then Click on "Batch something". Then click on " Check All" then click on "Delete All" and click on "Confirm".  Once you do that you can delete only one page of your photo album at a time. 

I was like you with 1000 Maximum images from the get go. I had 84 pages of images to delete. So I opened 6 AMD Tabs and started deleting 6 photo album pages at a time . Took almost two hours..

Sigh...I think I will wait for a update. It's been the same way everytime they change. Let the dust settle. There should be a place to report the issues directly to amd...a post like this could go on forever. And 'Cudos' really sucks/old school. Whats wrong with 'Like'?

LoL, The new AMD Format is very much improved from the old AMD Format. The problem is most long time AMD Users here at the Forum are used to certain features. So when they are missing it causes aggravation. While the new or first time AMD Users wouldn't know about the missing features and probably think the new format is the greatest.

The point I am trying to make is that the Old Timers find it difficult to accept new changes until they get used to it.

Not meaning to be negative but I don't get the improvement. It isn't much different looking.  It's a forum and this is lacking in many ways to the old one. Hope it gets better quickly. 

Not being funny, I do not like the term "Big Boss".
Can you at least remove it from your own description?
Thank you.


The improvement is the layout which is visually more pleasing and simpler to use and more informative than the old format. Plus they got rid of JIVE and replaced it with Khoros.

But the negatives are:

1) Maximum amount of images uploaded is 1000. Then you need to go through the tedious and time consuming operation of deleting the past images in your "saved Album" to get back under 1000 images to be able to upload again.

1A) When you delete images from your Personal Profile Photo Album it also DELETES it from the previous threads where you first upload them. So now you would need to add a link to the source of where you copied the image. In case you delete the image in the future from your Photo Album.

2) Unable to delete your replies which is a feature I tend to use quite often at times.

3) Deleted comment about thread not dated. It does show the dates of the threads. My mistake. 

4) You can't reply directly to another User's reply unless you state the User's name in your reply.

5) You can't change a Question to Discussion when you first open a thread.

6) Previous Bookmarks were deleted from previous AMD Format.

7) You can't use a Hot Key to paste any images you need to click on the Photo icon to upload an image.

8) No FAQ to advice new Users of AMD Forum's rules and Regulations

9) Unable to delete all contents on your Photo Album with one click.

10) Some Users don't like the word "Kudos" for replacing "Like" and description of "Big Boss" for those Users with many posts and Kudos.

11) Old/read notifications are not deleted/hidden like in the old forums.

That is everything so far noted in this thread from other Users including myself.

@elstaci @pokester Thank you very much for taking the time to summarize everyone's feedback. I appreciate it. As mentioned, we will look into these and get back to you shortly. :smileyhappy:

Your biggest fan!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800XT

@Sam_AMD wrote:

@elstaci @pokester Thank you very much for taking the time to summarize everyone's feedback. I appreciate it. As mentioned, we will look into these and get back to you shortly. :smileyhappy:


I also can't figure out a way to add friends. I can only do it if they message me. So I added you but can't add  matt, ray, or fsadough or any of my peers that I constantly contact. 

Also is there a list of official moderators that users can select as they are no longer on the leaderboard either?

I am just feeling really lost in this new forum with none of the normal information that used to be in the headers of the forums for guidelines and how to post. No explanation as to the purpose of the forum and that it is a USER TO USER English forum. 

All this information needs to be in this new forum or we as user trying to help are going to be constantly be battling to say the same things over and over again do to this simple information being missing.

If this is confusing for long time users I can't imagine that a new user is going to have a good time of it. 

I want to add too that in the previous forums, when we wanted to add a link to a post in our thread, we could do it with the @ followed by keywords of the title, so @required_info would bring up the required system information post. In these new forums it only searches usernames.