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Journeyman III

Picked up the AM5 platform

Bought a 7800X3D along with 32GB DDR5. My 7800X3D gets very hot in cinebench. Reaching 88C after 10 minuts with good cooling.

What should i set in PBO? PPT, TDC, EDC etc?

Also whats a good RAM speed? Using 5800mhz now.

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You can probably get optimal settings from, they have a dedicated thread for the X3D models.

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Hi, maybe its time to invest in a better cooler.

Could be the case, not airflow frindly or a itx build. 

Ambient temp plays a major deal too. 

Too many variables with very little info.

Good luck 

The Englishman

According to AMD Specs on your new 78003D it Maximum Operating Temperature is 89c. So if it is reaching 88c it is close to overheating and to start to throttle.

The APU processor's TDP rating is fairly high at 120 watts so you need a powerful CPU Cooler. I would suggest a 200 Watt rated CPU Cooler or higher for this APU processor.

Adding to Johnny English previous reply:

To eliminate poor air flow inside your PC remove the side cover and see if the Processor's temps are slightly lower. If it is that indicates poor air flow inside your PC case.

Post the CPU Cooler's Make & Model that you have installed. Make sure it is installed correctly and making good contact and everything is working like the Fan and/or Pump (if it is a AIO CPU Cooler).