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PC slows to a halt

Hi all.

I have a

Asus TUF Gaming X570 PLUS Motherboard, 

32GB (2x Quad Channel) RAM 

Ryzen 7 3800 x CPU

1TB SSD 860 EVO 

Asus Strix Nvidia 1060 GPU

I have nothing in my  Task Manager running hot or using mega amounts of RAM. infact everything looks to be running cool.

If i boot my PC it runs mega fast for 2-3 days then its starts to slow down. apps take forever to open, files like "My Documents, My Pictured, My Videos etc" take about 4-6 seconds to open and the entire machine is very very sluggish. Nothing showind adnormal in Task Manager. My fans are working fine in the PC case 

If i reboot my PC flys along but then gets slower and slower and slower and i have to reboot after a few days of use.

I only use basic apps so i don't think it's an app slowing me down.

I do however have another hard drive installed in the machine, that is a 4TB SATA but that is just for storing videos. and does not have an windows files on it. 

I want to ask if anyone knows why my PC slows down to an almost stop unusable state after a few days of being on. 



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That to me has a software problem written all over it.  After the 3 days where you experience the slowness need to see if a software program is running in the background like backups, AV scans, etc....   

Did this develop over time or is this an issue with a new build?  If the former, I go with my gut feeling being software.

Thank you for your reply.. It has been happening for some time now but a new install was done about 3 months ago. I have not installed anything that i don't normally install. I have thought about just installing windows onto a PCIe ssd and having all my apps and other stuff on a normal ssd. But i am glad you said it sounds like a software issue. I will try and seek out by uninstalling certain apps and see what it will do.

Thanks again

Sure, let us know.  And of course, make sure you have the basics out the way:

  • BIOS up-to-date
  • Memory running with XMP/D.O.C.P
  • Chipset driver installed
  • GPU driver installed
Volunteer Moderator

It sounds like the system memory (RAM) is being claimed by something running in the background, and it's not releasing RAM back to the OS.  This could be along the lines of a memory leak, where a program does that and wants more and more RAM over time.  Stopping one program / app at a time after your reboot, then monitoring to see if it slows down over the 2-3 day period with just that one app stopped, might help you identify the problem one.  Hard to know which apps would be the likely bad actors, but Chrome browsers are known to gobble up a lot of RAM as you open more and more tabs.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Could be memory overflow from some software. Is everything up to date? Could be an individual software you have running the whole time, like a web browser.

I would start by running Disk cleanup which is included in Windows. Choose the system files option and select all files from the list.

Then you could run sfc /scannow from command prompt

Then check none of the updates are stuck.

You might want to set a manual virtual memory size in Windows.

Also you could disable hibernation, because it collects a file.

Then delete adobe premiere pro because it give too much storage