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Journeyman III

Overwatch CF

Hello: Fellow AMD Users

Recently in Overwatch there was crossfire support and it was amazing it was scaling well no problems or anything. In till recently in OW there was an update in the game ,which took away crossfire and not just for my system many others. Like when you load the game it's in CF for a split second and the moment you log in is completely gone. Dose AMD need to do a driver update for Overwatch or what exaccly in order to be resolve this problem and I can guarantee that the problem is definitely not just coming from my system. Other players have the same exact problems as I do, please if anyone is listening please fix the CF profile in Overwatch Thanks. Also I'm ashamed such a well played game not to support CF. That's like not having CF for League of Legends or something as big as WOW. Seriously it sucks, its bad enough that CF barely exists in games, lets not make it worse on well known games played by millions of people world wide not to have CF support -_-.

Sincerely Lightning/CrimsonDanteGamer

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