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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Overclockear un ryzen 3200u con vega 3

necesito ayuda quiero overclockear un ryzen 3200u con vega 3

Alguien me puede explicar de cómo lo puedo hacer ya que obvio no se

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Re: Overclockear un ryzen 3200u con vega 3

Hola - en ingles por favor. Smiley Wink

1. 3200U is a mobile CPU - so NO RYZEN MASTER!
1b. use AdjRyzen (github) to unlock higher TDP of your chip - will allow your APU to boost higher and longer - THIS CAN DAMAGE YOUR LAPTOP! note: usually Laptops have a cooling solution hardly enough to cool the laptop with stock settings with full load on a normal day in india. means: if you live in sweden and have your window open and only 10°C in your room you will be maybe able to give a TDP of 35W to your APU and everything works fine - but if you live in Florida with 35°C it will not work!

note: if you live in a warm country you shouldnt consider using AdjRyzen - if you live in a cold country it could be of use
ps my 2500U runs fine @30-35W in my Nitro5 AN515-42 (due to its good cooling solution)