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Journeyman III

Only 1 Stick of Ram is detected

Hello, i got some issues with my build, yesterday I swapped my stock cooler with a new one and while doing this i decided to clean up the whole pc. This morning i noticed that out of my 2 8gb sticks of ram only 1 was detected. i thought of a defective stick so i started trying to get wich one was the broken one. but both sticks works perfectly, they dont work in dual mode and only one at the time is detected, i dont think that is a mobo problem 'cause i've put the stick in all the slots and i got no different results so i think it's or a CPU or a software problem. Any advice on how to proceed?

My CPU is a AMD 3 4100 stock clock (i got the new cooler yesterday so.. xd)

The 2 ram sticks are Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3200 and my MOBO is Gigabyte B450 DS3H. 

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Loosen of the CPU cooler slightly.. Not so it's loose but give a little less on each side..

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Journeyman III


It was a CPU issue caused by myself. One of the CPU pins was bent. After fixing it with a credit card (thanks Linus) everything works perfectly. 


ahahaha happened to me too a month ago!, bad thing was the pin broke and the MBO PCB was broken.

The credit card trick is gold lol

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