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Journeyman III

New Threadripper build: Displays; and Power

I’m not tech savvy but I started to build a flight simulator build on April 8th 2022; it was completed in December, 2033; which is to say I would buy individual components when my other obligations allowed it.   When it was completed I installed American Truck Simulator (discovered after I started to buy components) and had problems with getting the three monitors to work together.  I discovered that to get the Eyefinity to work, I had to use the HDMI to dataport cables; although getting the three monitors to center correctly has never happened.  In short, the monitors won’t center and the computer shuts off with no explanation.  The last time I just walked away from the computer the left monitor was the only one working, but in the morning I discovered that the computer had powered off.  When I started it…the left monitor powered up…but all the icons were tiny…so I knew Eyefinity was on.  I turned off the Eyefinity, and the left monitor stopped working and the center monitor…and the right monitor powered on.   All three screens use input one.  I started writing an email and the computer powered off…like someone hit the button.  I tried to power back on…it would start…and then would stop.  I have no clue what is going on.

I should add that the first motherboard I purchased…over $1,000.00 was bad…so it was mailed in…and a refurbished board was returned…which is a separate issue; I did not buy someone else’s junk.  I spent that money for a functioning new motherboard…and the explanation that a refurbished motherboard…is the “industry standard”…is legal gibberish.  If the public demanded more…they would get better service.  Frankly, to me, this smacks of fraud, because the buyer is not getting what they intended to purchase; I don’t care what the fine print reads…very few people read that…and these companies are financially rapping every buyer when they get away with this.   But this is a separate issue, and I’m still out a computer.

so as I recall, my computer build:

1.  Monitors:  3 65”; Hisense; Sharp; Hisense

2.  Motherboard:  Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE WI-FI

3. CPU:  Threadripper PRO 5955WX 16 cores

4. Ram:  512 GB Ram Samsung ddr4 3200

5.  M.2:  Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 7, 2 TB each;  operating system is on one of these, I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s the one closest to the CPU

6.  12 TB Sata…I haven’t put anything on this. Seagate 

7.  Power:  1650 watts thermaltake toughpower gf3 

8.  Case:  Fractional XL

9.  CPU cooler:  ICEGEM360

10.  Fans:  Noctua 8 or 9

11.  Graphics:  2 radeon rx 6700xt

12.  Windows 10

any ideas


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