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Journeyman III

New PC + Cold War Zombies = Terrible Lag?


I recently built a new PC. I'm no savant when it comes to PCs and their related components, but I tried my hardest and I'm pretty sure I've set myself up for a while. Click HERE for the parts list. It's just so I don't clutter this post.

So I haven't really played any graphics-intensive games since I've built this PC, which is wild, but I recently booted up CoD: Cold War and played some zombies. Hopped into the onslaught containment game mode and whenever the screen got too cluttered with zombies and different animations, the GPU would... bottleneck? It would just go to 100%, I'd start slide showing, and it would persist until I basically decluttered or walked away.

Remind you, I'm no savant, but I tried some very basic troubleshooting. I tried putting all graphical settings at their lowest, I tried switching my resolution from 1440p to 1080p, I tried closing anything but the game, I tried restarting my PC... Nothing helped. No matter if it was any of those methods alone, or in conjunction... Nothing. The same issue persisted.

I'd love some help with this as I don't think it's a parts issue (at least I hope not). I'm not incredibly versed in the PC space, but I'll try just about anything.

Thanks in advance!

- gcharles
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