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New AMD Warranty Portal Faulty

Apparently there is a new customer support portal from AMD which lets you file for warranty claims / RMAs / webshop returns via making an account first and then uploading product data - instead of the old web form that you had to fill in.

Unfortunately there is a big error in the new portal, because it doesn't accept Dutch zip / postal code formats. Therefore, I'm not able to file a return for my card, and time is ticking away. Whether this is intentional or not (it sure is convenient that in a time where AMD's new offerings are not so popular anymore customers find themselves having problems filing a return and therefore might not be in time to return at all so being stuck with an unwanted product) I'd like to see this resolved ASAP. 

It would be wonderful if an AMD rep could respond to this issue.

The fault code on top of the page is: 

Please enter the postal code in the following format: NNNN AA, where N is Numeric and A is a Character.

Thanks in advance.

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First wasn't there anywhere on the Warranty page to change the language to Dutch thus possibly making it compatible with Dutch  Postal codes?

Maybe AMD Moderators @Matt_AMD and @Sam_AMD and @Ray_AMD  can contact the appropriate department to look into the matter.


I can change the language but Dutch doesn't seem to be supported..

Okay Thanks for the update.

Hopefully one of the Moderators can contact the appropriate department and alert them to the bug.

I wonder how in the original Warranty Request Service form, International Users were able to fill out the form in the past for Warranty Service.

You can try and open a AMD SUPPORT - Warranty Ticket and ask them how you can fill out the RMA or Warranty Request Service form if you live in Europe from here:

Community Manager

Hello @mpc007 ! Nice to e-meet you! (Hi @elstaci thank you for mentioning me).

@mpc007 Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, and more importantly, thank you for your patience. I'm going to send you a private message in just a moment. Please check your inbox at your earliest convenience. 

Your biggest fan!
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Can you also help me out with this problem? I have this exact same problem going on right now... I wonder why this hasn't been fixed up until now.