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Journeyman III

My order status is order unsubmitted

Hi everyone! I just ordered a RX 6950 XT graphic card on the AMD online shop 2 days ago and I didn’t receive any email of the order confirmation, I went to check my order today, I found that my order status is order unsubmitted. So is it mean that I didn’t actually order anything and I didn’t pay for the graphic card and nothing will be delivered to my home? Also, should I order the graphic card one more time, or what should I do to submit my order?

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There is no way of contacting AMD STORE directly only by reading its FAQ section:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 214124.png

Your payment won't be charged until after they actually ship out your GPU card.

Did you complete the AMD Order including giving your payment method?

Was it approved when you completed the online Order including your payment method?

If you paid by Credit Card see if you see any "Pending" charges on your Credit Card account. That would indicate AMD received your payment.

Otherwise you can try and order again. IF you were to get two GPU cards just return the second one without opening it and refuse the shipment when it is delivered.  When AMD receives the GPU card at the warehouse they will automatically refund your payment back to you.

Or AMD will void both Orders if it see more then one order from your Address or Payment account or name in which case you then would need to reorder again.