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Journeyman III

Microcode Revision Error Ryzen 5800X


may somebody has experienced the same problem… 

On start of PC, I have only access into BIOS, or will let it run after few seconds into BSOD „microcode revision mismatch“! After that, I am in an restarting loop. 
No chance to enter Windows safe mode or make new install via USB BOOT, same error applies.

ryzen 5800x 
radeon 6800xt 
aorus 570x elite MB8152E5DB-FE5C-471F-B806-C0114DD886A3.jpeg



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According to your BSOD - Microcode revision mismatch Microsoft bug code:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 214124.png

If you can't enter into Windows then try flashing or updating your BIOS again or to a newer version and see if that fixes your issue.

This Windows tech site mentions several reasons to get that specific BSOD and its fixes:

Seems like it could be a corrupt Windows OS, BIOS, or Driver issue according to the above link website.