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Journeyman III

Low fps / Please help me

So yesterday i buyed rx 6600 xt and the fps on games is horrible. i installed the drivers and factory reseted the windows. + the gpu and cpu usage is only about 50% and my old gpu rx580 was working without problems with much more fps at 100% usage.

Please help me fix this problem. I dont knoww what to do.

Things i tried to do:


Factory reset windows

Cleared all drives with DDU on safe mode, and installed new ones

Reseted the pc bunch of times

tried changing the game graphic settings (on lowest and on highest graphic settings the fps was almost iddentical)

tried pluging out and putting in the gpu.


Thank you for your help.



3 Replies

what are your full PC specs?

ThreeDee PC specs

I5-4599 cpu

2x8GB ram 1600mhz

Stock cpu cooler



hmm ... the 6600xt is a great 1080p card .. but It's a good card on PCIe 4.0 of which .. at the most you have is only PCIe 3.0 and might have even slower. (I don't know the make/model of your motherboard)

So your older setup is severely kneecapping the performance of that 6600xt which uses 8 lanes instead of 16 .. so needs PCIe 4.0 to perform well

I'd recommend either updating your motherboard, CPU and RAM (and possibly your power supply)to something more modern or return your 6600XT and get an AMD or Nvidia GPU that utilizes 16 lanes instead of 8 so your performance isn't affected as much 

ThreeDee PC specs