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Journeyman III

Looking for a Workstation Laptop with AMD inside

I've been searching for quite a while now but I can't find any Workstation laptop featuring high end AMD Graphics and / or a good AMD CPU.

Either they have mid range GPUs built in or are entry to mid level Laptops with weak CPUs.

Now the brand of CPU is not that important, although ECC Memory would be a great thing to have and I'd love to have an all AMD Laptop.

The GPU has to be AMD, I have NVIDIA at the moment and it is causing me constant headache I have constant driver issues and it performs poor compared to AMD cards with the Software I use. I need something powerful in a laptop that doesn't overheat under heavy load, with a Display suitable to do graphics work on it and USB, USB-C, Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort, so Apple is out.

Lenovo is confusing only have seen entry level AMD CPUs, haven't found any GPUS. HP and Dell offer midrange AMD GPUs but I'd like to have something like the Radeon Pro WX 7100, MSI have great looking machines with good ports but wrong GPU.

It doesn't has to be the professional card but for sure wouldn't hurt. I play one game from time to time that is Warthunder which I'd like to work about other games I don't care.

Any Ideas? Anything coming onto the market in the near future?