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Issues with my APU Ryzen 7 8700G

sorry for my english but I had to use the google translator for try to explain this haha

I had a problem with my motherboard, an Asrock A620I Lightning Wifi, because my APU sometimes got stuck, everything froze and the screen went black and then it reacted and I got this message with the AMD drivers that said "AMD Software has detected that a driver on your system has timed out. A problem report has been created that can be sent to AMD to help improve the software"

now my setup is

Ryzen 7 8700G + RTX 3060 12GB, 32GB of RAM DDR5 2x16GB at 7200Mhz AMD EXPO

Asrock A620I Lightning Wifi

but now when using it as a CPU with the iGPU disabled

The maximum temperature that it gives me while doing nothing or playing a light video game is around 76 to 80 degrees Celsius and I had to lower its temperature using Ryzen Master Utility.

A friend told me that he had a similar problem with his Ryzen 7 5800X3D and that the cores of his processor were "asleep" since it was not using all the cores and was reloading on about two cores. Now he has a B550 motherboard and he told me that he had to get all the cores activated on the Ryzen Master. so that the workload was better distributed in all applications and by doing so the temperature also dropped from 80 degrees Celsius to approximately 55 degrees.

So, he told me that the best thing I can do is change the motherboard for a B650I, and well, I was looking and I like the one from MSI.

So I'll see how it goes. I still thought that downgrading and returning to AM4 would not be the solution. with a Ryzen 7 5700X3D or a Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

Do you think it could be the motherboard? the problem? because I tried it as an APU, that is, with its integrated graphics and there was no way to use it well, and now that I use it as a normal CPU, the temperature rises too much and on the desktop I also hear the fans making a lot of noise as if they were making too much effort to open an application.

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