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Journeyman III

Is xbox game pass a virus?


I just want to point out that the xbox game pass that comes with the amd products don't work at all.

Apparently it does not work with windows 10.

None of the games work.

I managed to install sea of thieves with the product but i can not remove it.

I repeat.


So i have over 40gb of game files on my computer that i have no access or can't remove. Uninstalling trought xbox game pass app does not do anything neither any other uninstall software. They are locked in a folder that can not be accessed.

The product is absolutely garbage and amd should seriously consider if they want to advertise such a broken product with the magnificent hardware.

Oh yea, Im happy with 5700xt and ryzen processor .

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Community Manager

I would suggest you reach out to Microsoft support for help with this one.

I agree with you w.r.t. problems installing / removing games on external USB Drives.
Microsoft encrypt the game data on the drive.

I have had problems where an external USB drive stops working after Windows Updates.
Inability to delete data on the drive, and having to reformat the drive completely.
Having to delete everything on the drive and having to download all games to drive again.

Inability to set/reset permissions on the drive.

You cannot use ReShade with them. Is there any way to use ReShade with XBOX Game Pass for PC? - Microsoft Community 

Microsoft support is absolutely useless.

Pretty awful experience.

Yes this is just awful. Why Microsoft doesn't think you should have access to files on your own hard drive is crazy to me. It doesn't speak well for what will happen to their recently acquired game properties. Doom for instance one of the few games gives you console access. It is obviously MS doesn't think you should have access to anything. As Hardcore pointed out the bandwidth used in fixing their games at times is crazy. I bet I have reloaded Gears 4 easily 10 times because it just randomly corrupts and you have to reload the entire game. One time I had to reload the whole OS to get rid of it. Microsoft is literally wearing out my SSD. While other companies can just check and replace the bad file. With MS reloading the game is the only recourse. 

I love how they claim you are breaking the rules but don't explain how that is. Nothing about Re-Shade would be a cheat or give you any competitive edge that I can think of. It is just a wonderful way to make old games look a bit better taking advantage of some of the newer better technology. 

To me when Microsoft says "Unkown" it really means "We Don't Care Go Away".

I had the Microsoft XBOX Game Pass for 3 months but I am not renewing it.
It "sounds" like a great deal and it is mostly o.k. if you want to try games out, but if you want to test new things out such as ReShade Global Illumination it is useless because of the encryption.
Other Headline Games like Metro Exodus simply crashed all of the time on AMD GPUs I tested it on, then it was removed from the Game Pass anyhow.
I am not moving away from EA Origin Subscription for now because at least it works and I can run ReShade.
Since Microsoft Windows 10 cost me so much time and effort with OS problems I do not want to pay them anything.


Here is an previous MS Forum thread on a similar issue with XBOX: Uninstalling games Xbox Game Pass PC - Microsoft Community 

This is the Reddit link from above thread that showed how this one User was able to uninstall the game from his HDD: 

Well how stupid of Microsoft to put files that are not temporary in a folder named temporary. How logical. 


I do know that in Windows Disk Cleanup it has a separate category to delete files from "Delivery Optimization Files". 


Yes is does, again though if those are not temporary files then they should not be available to be deleted. Pretty dumb. That disk cleanup utility is a joke too. Even on a very fast system it takes like 15 minutes to list old OS installs for deletion. Much, much longer on old systems. 


Your experience is an exceptionally rare issue related to the Windows (10) Content Delivery System.

Now why it occurs remains unknown at Microsoft, but they have been aware of said issues that people have reported experiencing since 2016.

With this said., you haven't actually said what you've tried to do in order to Uninstall Software installed via Game Pass (Xbox App / Microsoft Store).

Of course Applications can still be manually removed IF needed., it should be noted that they are typically stored in multiple locations and do require Hypervisor Privileges in order to fully access... something not possible on Remote Accounts, and well this is part of what makes Universal Windows Applications better from a Security Perspective.

It becomes very difficult (if not impossible) to introduce Malware that can affect your Software.

Why most Developers don't take advantage of this remains a point of contention for me...

Now with this aside there are still Multiple Ways to Remove "Installed" Applications.

Right-Click on the Start Menu Icon > Uninstall... this will simply Remove the Application Folders wholesale., i.e. anything that was Downloaded (App Package) from the Microsoft Content Delivery System.

All Settings > Apps > Uninstall does the same thing.

These can leave "Bits" that are outside of the Core Install... such-as things in the User Account Folders.

A better alternative is instead of clicking "Uninstall" is to go to "Advanced Options"

Click Terminate, Then Reset, Then Uninstall

This will remove EVERYTHING to do with that Application. 

If you're STILL having issues with that (which you shouldn't) you can also use a more Manual approach via PowerShell / Terminal.

You will NEED to know the Package Name., but as an example here's the line to remove Sea Of Theives

Get-AppxPackage -Name Sea of Thieves -Publisher Microsoft Studios | Remove-AppxPackage

Be sure to run PowerShell in Admin Mode.

You also as a note can install / update remote packages using this as well., along with retrieving various details... prevent updates... etc. it is the backend for what you visually use in Settings. 


RE: Now why it occurs remains unknown at Microsoft, but they have been aware of said issues that people have reported experiencing since 2016.

Like I said.
Microsoft support is absolutely useless.

Microsoft needs to revamp game distribution to be consistent with industry standards.

Steam, Origin etc, are easy to resurrect when windows needs to be reinstalled. WIndows Store games have to be installed fresh which wastes bandwidth.