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Is my ram supported on my Mobo? Plz Help

Im having some crashes on my ryzen machine

Not overclocked all default settings etc..

It shouldnt be crashing during idle random times...

So i checked my motherboards CVL and i cant find the exact stick im using on there...

There is one on there that has very similar model number its off by 2 digits at the end does that matter??

Anyways my motherboard is Asus Prime a320m-k

And my ram is 2 sticks of Crucial 4gb ddr4 2400 model CT4G4DFS824a.

The one that is listed on CVL is CT4G4DFS8213 see its off by the last 2 digits..

Also the one im using the exact model is not on there...

Is this why im unstable????

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as long as the timing is the same it should be fine, if it's not the CPU may not be able to get a good timing setup and fail

check with your vendor and if needed get the memory replaced


Uh oh the timing is indeed diff its cl 17 the other 15...

Is this why i crash?


What should i do i have this issue for months now i rly want this fixed

I also want to be sure its ram before i go buy more

Anyways my timings are cl 17 there is no settings in bios i can change because my (asus prime a320m-k) motherboard doesnt support OC so its on default on everything..

My ram not listed on cvl the one that is similar and listed is cl 15...

Should i buy new ram next month cause i cant afford it right now

But u sure thats the cause of it??


cl15 is better than cl17 so ask the vendor, assuming you bought both sticks at once to replace them both with matched cl15 memory


Those "two numbers" indicate it is of a different CL timing, and is very different. Also, that RAM is very low end, so yes, it is quite possible your modules are incompatible with your motherboard.


Well idk what to do now like i said have this issue for months i want it fixed so bad..

U sure my ram is the problem before i go buy more?

Its not on cvl but i heard from people that, not every stick gets tested and its usually outdated most ddr4 sticks should work in a ddr4 board.. so i have to be sure before i spend money again..

Any advise what to do?


The BEST place to ask these questions are the ASUS forums, so I would suggest you go there.