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Journeyman III

Is it possible to install drivers without having a gpu installed?

I have a radeon rx460 2GB and I've had problems with my old system. Upon installing the GPU in my system I would get a signal on my monitor but just a black screen. No windows, no post, just black. As it turns out, I was using a DP to VGA adapter, which doesn't work unless the correct drivers are installed. I installed the drivers and everything worked. But if I can't use basic display drivers and I also don't have an I-GPU, so I can't install drivers with the rx460 installed in my system, is there a way to install drivers with another GPU installed?

I know in the old days, where you could just download the driver and install it, it would give you a warning, telling you that the GPU you're installing a driver for is not found in the system. But I could not find any driver on the webs without having to install radeon software, which does not allow me to install any driver I want. It just tells me that there is no compatible hardware detected.

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Honestly an adapter should still work with the basic windows driver. You either have a port on the card, adapter or cable issue in all likelihood. 

You could test this GPU in another system and see if the problem follows or not. 

Unfortunately you gave no system specs so it is hard to give more specific advice. If you have another older GPU you could see if that works temporarily. 

I would suggest seeing if you have any bios updates available for your motherboard and to make sure you have the latest chipset driver for your board installed as well. 

I know of no way to install the driver as the driver goes through hardware detection first before installing. 

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Big Boss

DP-2-VGA is a bad idea!

DP is fully digital and VGA is analog!
And AMD and Nvidia got lost of analog processor for output around 8 years ago.

the reason why you see a black screen is because your Monitor cant understand what your GPU sends it...

i would suggest to buy a new monitor (1080p 75hz with FreeSync can be found at 150$)

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