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Journeyman III

Input lag in EVERY game

Hi everyone, i'm having an issue which is making me go crazy:
In every game/app i'm experiencing a slight input delay which makes it unplayable and frustrating. Even if FPS and ping are always ok i can always feel a delay between my mouse/keyboard clicks and the actual movement on display. Everything was working fine like few weeks ago.

Here is what i tried:
-updating graphic drivers
-updating chipset drivers
-changing HDMI cable
-Cleaning the CPU fan (i don't have an external fan but till few days ago everything worked fine so i don't think it could be the problem)
-Resetting router
-Booting with one of the 2 rams
-Checking V-Sync off in my settings ( but i experience this problem even in stupid browser games which doesn't have V-sync, like haxball, for example)
-Enabling Radeon Anti-Lag
-Checking my RAM with Memtest
-Packet-Loss test

These are my specs: 


Monitor: MSI MP241
PSU: be quiet! System Power B9 350W , Model: SB9-350W

What else can i try? Or what could the problem be in your opinion? Thank you!

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Re: Input lag in EVERY game

What kind of peripherals do you have? Wired? Wireless? Bluetooth?

For example:

I'm used to wired peripherals from RoG and I can say to you that between these 3 (wired, wireless 2.4 and BT)
The lag/drag/interference is very noticeable, specially if you play first person shooters. Hence my question.