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Journeyman III

In Chile there is a company called VISION that will start selling a FreeSync Monitor 32" 165hz/1ms (POSEIDON VSAG32), the thing is that the monitor is not in the list of amd FreeSync Monitor. ¿Is this false advertising?

I just want to know if this is some kind of scam. 



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Not necessarily.

All that the Manufacturer VISION is advertising is that the Monitor uses AMD Certified FreeSync technology as a feature.

Here is that Monitor Website translated by my translation extension on my browser:

Now if VISION advertises the Monitor as having AMD Certified FreeSync technology and it doesn't then that is false advertisement.

But my personal opinion is that VISION is just advertising that the Monitor uses AMD FreeSync Technology which it true and not false advertisement unless AMD hasn't certified that Monitor as Official FreeSync Technology.

From AMD FreeSync FAQ: 

Do all AMD FreeSync™ enabled displays go through a certification process?

Yes. The AMD FreeSync™ technology program requires all displays to go through a robust certification progress.