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Journeyman III

I Think My Freesync Is Not Working Properly

Hello everyone,

I have a monitor that supports both HDR and Freesync. And i have some questions about these. In my monitor's page, it does not say that it has Freesync 2, Freesync Premium etc. It only says Freesync. (here is a link for my monitor: ) From what i learned, the Freesync before Freesync 2 does not support HDR.

When i use Freesync with HDR, i don't have tearing but it doesn't feel the smoothest (as i expected). And the weird part is; Freesync with HDR feels same as Freesync without HDR. They both don't feel as smooth as Vsync on. I hope there's someone that can help me understand the situation deeper. My questions are: Does the Freesync version that my monitor support HDR? If not, why do they feel the same? And why even Freesync without HDR doesn't feel as smooth as Vsync on? Any more information is appreciated.

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