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Journeyman III

I NEED HELP, Streaming and low FPS and difficult navigation

Okay so I got this new RX 6600 XT, super excited to stream with it and check out a whole new world because this is what I've been saving up for a while. I am so unbelievably disappointed. I get around 110-120 frames while trying to stream Rainbow Six Siege at low settings. This is very unacceptable due to the fact I upgraded this gpu from a Nvidia 1650 overclocked and yet this graphics card underperforms. I streamed with my other graphics card getting better fps on medium settings. I really need an explanation cuz I'm bloody livid. Being 16 and working a hard job just to save up for something I like and I can't even do anything cool with it.I don't mean to Come off as a brat or anything but I expected way better for 650 bucks compared to the 200 that I spent on my other GPU 4 years ago

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Adept II

i dont think the gpu will be at fault here, i stream way harder games with a 6600xt just fine. id say its most likely another driver or piece of hardware causing said issue? what cpu do you have? could it be bottlenecking the system. have you updated drivers? uninstall old drivers? 

I would imagine this has all been thought of and checked however.

Journeyman III

Beside the previous advice, you might also want to check whether your streaming engine (OBS Studio, XSplit, AMD ReLive, Twitch Studio, etc.) is using software or hardware encoding. Most use software encoding by default.

Hardware encoding will use your GPU for encoding and will affect game performance.

Software (x264) will use your CPU for encoding and will only affect game performance slightly if you have 4-cores or less.

The amount of sys mem could also be a factor. Having at least 12Gb is recommended, more is always better when streaming and gaming (i.e., multi-tasking). The same is true with VRAM, though one can do well with only 8Gb and all in game settings on Ultra/Very High.

You might also look at what other programs are running (most programs running in the background won't usually cause any problems) and are open on your desktop. I have found with Win11 and Edge (which is Chrome, btw) that if you have multiple monitors, the stream viewed by others will be jerky and have frame rate drops, as will your game when viewing (or previewing) a video or stream on the other monitors. Your game will also occasionally stutter and lose frames. Having hardware acceleration turned on for the browser or apps (while they are running and viewable) will also cause games to lose fps.