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Journeyman III

I bought a Ryzen 2600 from BestBuy (via Google Express) but still have not gotten a code for The Division 2 in my email. Should I be concerned I'll never get it?

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Code never arrived in the box, etc...

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Journeyman III

I'm in the same boat. Did you ever figure this out?


Here's what I did:

Complained to Google Express about it, saved the chat logs. Saved a copy of

the website promotion. Saved proof of purchase. I contacted Ubisoft and

filed a complaint about the code with proof. Google Express said they

reached out to BestBuy too Few days later I called corporate and went to

the digital download and promotion department. One lady said to contact AMD

(lie) Called back and had a guy review all the open cases and the guy said

he'd send me a code.

Not sure if this helps. Pretty much complain and don't take no for an

answer, provide as much proof as possible


Thanks, I'll give it a shot!