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How to force Vsync ON ?

Is there any method i could use to force Vsync ON in games that do not have an option for Vsync ? I tried to do that within the radeon settings but it is not working (this is an old issue that AMD never addressed)

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If your lucky, there may be a game mod guide, to force/cap frame rate(if that's what your after) ?

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I'm not searching for a way to cap my fps , because i can already do that with RivaTuner Statistics . I'm searching for a way to force Vertical Sync ON , so i can get rid of the screen tearing in old games (old games don't have any Vsync On or Off toggle inside the game).

I tried to use D3DOverrider but it isn't working.... This would be so much easier if i could just force vsync on through radeon settings (but again , it isn't working despite the fact that it should ; thanks amd for never addressing this issue kappa)


issue is river tuner is over riding if i am guessing the andrenilin software. I am new to the AMD software had no issues using my interface turning v sync on. If running 2 or more tuning software can conflict had it with the green brand drivers. Alot of the time if application controlled gaming wise can be turned on or off.

I am not using Rivatuner to cap my fps , i am using it only for the osd. If i close msi afterburner , rivatuner statistics and hwinfo64 , and then force vsync on thorugh the driver , it is still not working.

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How many different ways does it take to answer a question? Get rid of Afterburner and Riva tuner. They conflict with AMD/Relive controls and settings. This is nothing new..if you used the forum search tool  you would answer your own question as there are dozens of identical/similar posts. . (Posting in the wrong section of the forum is also a clue). You seem to find problems with every driver release...strange.


Use this space to post questions and discussions related to AMD that do not fit into the other forums.

For example; game promotions, benchmark scores, etc.


If i don't use them (afterburner and rivatuner) , or uninstall them , forcing vsync through radeon settings is still not working . My question was : "Is there any method i could use to force Vsync ON in games that do not have an option for Vsync ?" (like a 3rd party app for example)

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"Closing" it does no good....remove it.

"i am using it only for the osd. If i close msi afterburner , rivatuner statistics and hwinfo64 ,"


It works in all my old games, but you can also set the frame rate target to 60.

From my experience frtc adds too much input lag to even consider the experience playable... I guess i'll have to live with massive screen tearing unless AMD is making the "Wait for Vertical Refresh" option to work properly


Which is odd because it only adjusts the card's frequencies and doesn't add any input lag which Vsync can.

FRTC is adding even more input lag compared to Vsync , since Vsync forces my game to stay inside of my Freesync range , and inside the Freesync range the only thing that increase the input lag are the rejected frames by Vsync.

If i only wanna cap my fps i can just use RivaTuner which is also improving my frametimes (RTSS only adds ~8ms , which is acceptable even for first-person-shooters)

TDLR; FRTC + Freesync = higher input lag than Vsync + Freesync


Dont use riva tuner or msi & problem is solved running 2 or more tuning programs causes issues why is stick with 1 tuning program going between 2 or more throws everything out why you experiencing issues. Stick with the AMD Andrenaline software its working properly. I have no issues with v sync & on an older build apart from my rx560. No issues tho encountered issues with the 10 updates before with msi installed throwing out graphics drivers adding huge input lag not letting v sync turn on & off. I switched from crap nvidia to AMD for a reason only a few days ago & had a better experience your doing something wrong or somethings in the background running that shouldn't be but i thinking its riva tuner MSI as been threw that issue before. I only use afterburner if i run into issues. The new AMD interface is more accurate & better at capping it.

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AMD calls it Vertical Refresh.  Just use the search box in the Adrenaline Software to fine it.  I would much rather use it application specific, but didn't see the option.