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Journeyman III

How hard is it to refuse repeat purchases from unauthorized resellers (aka scalpers)?!?

This has been going on for months. Great that the Q1 financials came out and show record growth and all of that but your products aren't being purchased by consumers. Stocks are instead being wiped out by a fairly small group using bots to corner the regular market and act as unauthorized resellers on a new black market. This is seriously eroding confidence in companies such as AMD as it really does seem as though you are complicit in these activities when your own direct marketplace is wiped out the moment anything is made available there.

How is this problem allowed to continue when you can DEFINITELY emplace purchase limits based on ANY AND ALL data metrics provided by the purchaser at time of checkout? Hell, I just got kicked out of 3 successive purchases during this morning's drop the moment I submitted my order. To make matters worse, I was then put on temporary ban from the website, possibly because I tripped some arbitrary metric for what constitutes something like bot activity. Meanwhile, the entire stock was depleted in mere seconds by actual bots, which seem to sail through checkout in less than a second for each purchase. How is THAT metric not something you are using to prevent bots from using the site? No actual person can move through the site and menus anywhere near that fast.

Seriously, just what is AMD actually doing to bolster consumer confidence and brand loyalty here?

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