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How do I change the temperature settings in RYZEN Master from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

It would be much easier for myself and others like myself to understand what my temperatures are if they were displayed in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. At least have an option to change it to that. I can't look a celsius and just understand that. It's not my fault that I was raised with an understanding of Fahrenheit and not celsius.

I get the whole 10's argument of metric. I even get the argument that most the rest of the world uses metric. 

I just don't understand it. I have no idea what 37.23C means. Just the fact that I have to manually find out what that means. Makes it harder for me to use the software. Just the fact that I have to either do the math on my own or use google to find out that it is 99.014F makes me want to kick someone.

I just want the option to to change the display. It can't be that hard.

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Celsius is considered to be the standard Temperature scale for computers and electronics.  

I have Ryzen Master and I couldn't locate anywhere to change C to F.

You really don't need to know what temperature you have in F. The only thing you need to know is that if the CPU reaches or goes above its Maximum Operation Temperature (95C for 3xxx Processors) you need to do something to bring the temperature down below the Maximum Operating Temperature for the processor

You need to find out what is considered to be normal range for your processor's Idle, load and under Stress and Maximum Operating Temperature in C temperature ranges.  Once you have that you can monitor your processor's temperature without having to know the F temperature.

You can always use Windows Calculator to convert the C reading into F if you need to know how hot your processor is getting in F temperatures.

I, myself, can't correlate C to F temperatures, but I know what C temperatures are within range or normal for my processors and which aren't.



I can't correlate C temps but I can correlate F temps easily. When you are taught F from birth to adulthood. It becomes your default. Even our weather people give temps in F. Every other monitoring software I have has the option to change C to F. Even the motherboard has that ability in the bios. So if all of those can do it then RYZEN Master can. They just chose not to. Which forces people like me to open  something like HWiNFO64 Sensors to see what I need to.

I agree that Rzyen Master should have that option but since AMD documents and Specs all have Temperatures in Celsius as its standard Temperature measurements, In my opinion, AMD is showing Temps in Celsius in Ryzen Master to prevent confusion with Users.

I suggest you open a AMD Service Request and asked them to add that option or feature in future Ryzen Master software from here.

But I personally don't know why you need to know the temperatures in Fahrenheit if you know what temperatures will be normal or abnormal in Celsius.

If your processor is idling at 60C or above, as an example, than you know something is not kosher even if you don't know the temperature in Fahrenheit. 

I mean I am in the same boat as you are. I need to use Windows Calculator to convert metric to US measurements. But I have learned to know which Celsius numbers are abnormal or normal for both of my GPU and CPU. I have no need to convert it to Fahrenheit except to see how hot it is in US Standards as a curiosity.

All my monitoring software that has the option for both C & F I always use C since it is easier to understand and all Temps are using the Celsius scale.

But to each his own. If you feel more comfortable using Fahrenheit then it really isn't a big deal. Whatever you feel most comfortable with is what you should use.

That's exactly what I would like. An option. That's all.

Agreed. Seems like a pretty brainless "feature". 

Yes, I get what the Celsius folks are saying. The opposing viewpoint is - if motherboard manufacturers and cooling manufacturers (looking at you NZXT) give the customer the convenience of offering this simple option, why didn't AMD think of it?


if i remember correctly there was an option for that - but in current version i cant find it

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