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Help with buying a used motherboard

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me some info for installing a motherboard. 

I'm thinking of purchasing a used motherboard and wanted to know what types of things need to 

be coming with the motherboard? I know of the i/o shield that goes on the back ,is there any 

other parts or pieces that should come with a used motherboard? Any insight here would be helpful. 


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Main thing , for me anyways, is make sure you get the I/O shield .. a lot of new motherboards have it integrated on the back anyways .. 

I'd make sure the M.2 slot mounting screw is with the motherboard to save  you the hassle of having to order one off of Amazon/Ebay .. etc

IF it has heatsinks over the M.2 slot(s), then just make sure all the screws holding the heatsink down are there.

IF it's a WiFi enabled board, then antenna should come with the motherboard

If  you are pairing the motherboard with a newer CPU, then ask what BIOS is currently flashed on the board so you know if you can just drop in your CPU and go or not

IF using a Wraith cooler on an AM4 motherboard .. then make sure the mounting brackets and backplate are with the board

IF it's an x570 board, then make sure there are no issues with the chipset fan

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The I/O shield is pretty much it, CMOS battery as well.


Make sure you are buying from a reputable Retailer/Vendor and that the Motherboard has at least some type of Warranty on it from the Retailer/Vendor.

Also once you get the used Motherboard, open a Support Ticket with the manufacturer of the Motherboard and give them the Serial Number to find out how old the Motherboard is.

Also find out if you need to update the BIOS to make whatever processor you are planning on installing to be recognized and boot up.

You can go to the Motherboard's Support download page to find out if there are any newer BIOS versions to install.

When you get the Motherboard I would do a physical check of the entire PCB to make sure there are no unusual spots or marks or broken electronic components and that the Motherboard has it native CPU Cooler brackets installed and not missing. 

Also if there is no Motherboard manual, download it from the Manufacturer's Support site and see which screw holes you need to use to install the Motherboard in your Computer case.

All of the above is because you are buying a Used hardware so it is best to try and get as much information about it and make sure everything looks good and you have a least some sort of Warranty on it.