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Journeyman III

Help Needed 3 screens down to one?

Hi All

I had been gaming all day for about 6 hrs straight and had no issues what so ever. Upon starting my system back up around an hour or so later all was fine, I had all three screens working at the time, then I clicked OBS to load through steam and my screen res was stretched over my two 16.9, I can't quite remember the exact settings but 7028 ??? and the mouse was like half the way off the screen to select something. I then managed to close OBS and get into the Display settings and no screens were showing plus where I noticed the res change, upon clicking 1080 it set all aspect ratio correctly but just on 1 screen. So I turned the system off to reset and see what happens, only 1 screen again so I decide to make sure all cables are fine and after taking out No 2 cable, No 3 screen came back to like and I had two selectable screens in Display settings. then when I plugged No 2 back in the system defaulted back to No 1 screen sole. 


I then did the usual and checked the net, so I discounted everything to so a hard powerless reset with one screen plugged in, Plugged No 2 in that wasn't working last time and it came life, so fingers crossed for the third and it did the default back to No1 with no image of screens, so I unplugged No3 and No2 came alive again. I've checked all cables in each port and they are fine. I've done all driver and windows updates.


I can't imagine its the GPU (6950XT) but it has just had the update and I think thats where my issues is, has anyone had any thing like this or could you advise a path of rectification?


A Little background all has been working perfectly since I got the card around 3-4 weeks ago and now this.


FULL Rig Spec

ryzen 5 3600 XT - 32oomhz 32gb RAM - B450 Tomahawk - 6950 XT GPU - Corsair (GOLD) 1000w PSU - Screens 2 x 32inc 1080 and 1 x 34 UWHD Screen.






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Journeyman III

Update, just to add to the info the update from yesterday happening this afternoon.


I have also realised when you unplugged any screen and leave two plugged in they both work fine the second you add any third screen it default windows to one screen.


any thought or guidance would be genuinely appreciated.






Update, spent 2 hours with Microsoft shows them the issue and it turns out it’s a faulty HDMI port, so now looking to fix or replace via the supplier or amd