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Great review of the 2700x at Guru3D. Fantastic stats in this review if anyone is interested.

Just wanted to share this as I thought it was one of the better done reviews I have seen in a while and really seems to answer any question you could possibly have.


The conclusion

An eight-core / sixteen-thread Ryzen processor that has been tweaked, optimized running up-to 4.35 GHz at a cost of 329 USD, with fairly similar prices in Euro, I mean really yeah, that's a spectacular price. The non-X models might be something to look out for as well, often these bring in even better value and can be tweaked to roughly the same levels, just sayin' We do expect to review the regular 2600 and 2700 (non-X models) soon as well, of course. So the million 329 USD question, is the Ryzen 7 2700X worth it? Well yes, unequivocally and undoubtedly yes. Zen+ brings in that extra edge you probably missed out on performance, it really is a good, properly done processor. Is it worth upgrading from your original Ryzen processor? Hmm, here I'd have to say no, and that is the honest brutal truth. The extra 10 to 20% performance on your threading madness really isn't going to make the difference, and that is the same for gaming. Those, however, that have been waiting with an outdated/older PC thinking it's time for something new; well, yeah, here it makes sense. The 2700X offers excellent value for money in performance. The X470 chipset offers versatile and super fast features bringing your PC experience into the year 2018 at proper performance levels. Also, you'll have plenty of PCIe lanes available and your M.2 SSD will get a dedicated x4 PCIe 3.0 lanes directly from the processor, it cannot get any faster. When you opt to build a gaming PC with a dedicated graphics, the sky is the limit. We do need to factor in though that for gaming on Ryzen you need reasonably fast frequency memory, and that is more expensive. Overall, we think the Ryzen 7 2700X is an awesome processor that, if you ask me, you don't even need to tweak. AMD refined threading and optimized Turbo boosting bins for you precisely and accurately, it offers a truly fast PC experience overall and is a threading beast. At a price of 329 USD, all we can say is well done AMD.

ATH +++

- Hilbert out"

Link to full Guru3D article:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X review - Introduction

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Journeyman III

Re: Great review of the 2700x at Guru3D. Fantastic stats in this review if anyone is interested.

It's indeed a great processor, though if AMD made a 10 core CPU with higher IPC, that might have replaced my 7820X.

Like Kyle Bennett says however, it's everything a desktop user can ask for really.

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