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Journeyman III

graphical pb, support problem, big issue advices needed !

hi everyone,


first i apologize for my poor english. I am french.

anyway, it will notbe hard to listen to my story.

i encountered problems since middle of june with my amd rx6900xt.

i ve got many errors  only from this type : Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding

i tried everything to solve this : clean drivers install, install old , newest drivers, checked directx diag, checked power, ram, ssd, motherboard, everything is ok.

i contacted amd support, more than three weeks ago now, explained my problem, answered and did every tests and reports they asked me.

an now begins the story :

- they asked me to send back the graphical card. i did it

- they told me as soon as they will receive my card, they will start the replacement process.

but BUT BUT :

- they received the card on 25 of july.

- the replacement order is at the same state since the 20 of july.

- they asked me to wait 5-7 business day, so i waited.

- on august, the 2, i rsent a mail which tells it starts to be long : here is the answer :  As I can see that your return is acknowledged to our warehouse .Once RMA processed you will get a system generated notification from warehouse

- i asked how the rma process work : here s the answer : 

"At this point of time we don't have tracking details of your replacement part shipment.I request you to please wait for couple of days. If you did not receive the replacement status please let us know so that I can check internally."

so more than 14 days later, as i asked again againAGAIn to check :

answer from support is : 

""I sincerely apologies I checked with our internal team unfortunately replacement is not possible.

I have initiated request for full refund on priority basis and I will keep you posted.""


And since this time, i have no news of any refund date, i have no graphical card (i think that @ 1000€ i could have at least some small kind of respects and at least keep me informed of the situation), and i f i didn't insist i would have wait ad vitam eternam for an graphical card that would never arrived. 

thanks amd for your support.

does anyone have any idea? i tried to identify an Online Dispute Resolution but as i have no idea in which country i have to contact (no amd adresses in france)

Thanks a lot for community help.




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