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Adept I

GPU Utilization problems. Please help!

okay so I have a AMD 5700XT thick III. AFTER updating modern warfare 2 to the live servers when it launched I’m getting between 0-2% GPU utilization when I launch the game. When I’m in the menu I’m getting massive delay going through the menus. When I did the benchmark test it would spike up then drop, spike up then drop. 

when I launch other games like battlefield, new world, MW19 I’m getting normal usage etc. 

I already updated my bios, reinstalled the drivers, deleted MW2 a few times, updated windows 11 EVERYTHING and it’s still causing issues. I don’t know if it’s the game or what since all my other games are good. My build is

Ryzen 5 3600, 5700XT thick III, 32GB. Anything helps 

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Sounds like a bug in game and while I don't play it, watched a video about it compaining about bugs and how games are released before they are ready. Quick googling lead to article where they suggest disabling settings - interface - parallax effects to reduce issues

If that doesn't help, I would probably clear windows temp and in Radeon software, under global graphics, advanced, reset shader cache. Likely won't do anything, but who know. You could try reinstalling GPU driver too just in case game did something... strange.


Yeah, I tried everything. I already deleted all the drivers and reinstalled them and still have the issue. I wish I can give access to my PC to an AMD staff to see if they know what's wrong lol