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Journeyman III

Getting very low fps, like sub-20... which is questionable because i think i have very decent specs?

Hey guys, i just bought a gaming PC, if i had to convert to US Dollars it probably cost around $1200. I have a Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega RX 11 Graphics and 16GB DDR4 RAM and 2GB Vram. When I'm in the menus of games i get a good 120-140 frames, once it went up to 180. But as soon as i go back into the game it drops to an average of around 15-20 fps even with everything set on the lowest it can possibly go, AA off, blur off, bloom off, all that stuff. even old games like DS2 only ran at a constant 25 fps and I'm loosing my mind. i know it shouldn't be performing this badly and I've tried everything: uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, resetting windows, disabling game DVR, forcing my PC to use the graphics card on certain programs, going into power options and setting everything on performance , going into HIGH-KEY_LOCAL and going into Software, creating a new file and setting those other settings on 0, decreasing my paging size, deactivating game mode and nothing changes. the funny thing is is that it doesn't matter if i set the graphics settings to high or low, or even ultra because the fps does not change at all. I'm so lost and confused and out of options, i really need someone who knows what there doing to help. the only thing i think could be a problem is the fact that its a single channel, and not a dual channel DDR4. I've researched thoroughly about that online and I'm torn between whether or not it makes a difference. even if it does it cant be so significant that i get the fps of a 2005 Windows XP Intel INTEGRATED when I'm running any game!

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Journeyman III

Hi, have you tried to update your BIOS to the very latest release, go get one/them from your mobo website, such an update can help your APU function well with the rest of your hardware. Be sure to update your Windows OS to the latest one too. In general I would advise you to update all the software requirements of your computer. Hope this helps. 

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