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Adept I

Freesync Premium stuck ON and refresh rate is NOT variable (1070 gtx to 7800xt)

Hi, I wonder if anyone could shed some light.

I recently upgraded from a 1070gtx to a 7800xt.

My monitor is a Benq ex2510, that supports Freesync premium.

Previously I could turn on Gsync in the Nvidia control panel as it allowed you to force it on for some monitors, everything was working fine and the refresh rate was variable.

However after upgrading the GPU and making sure Freesync is activate in the Adrenalin software and Windows VRR, it  shows ON on my Benq ex2510 but the refresh rate no longer changes if my FPS is lower that 144hz, that it previously did when I was using a Nvidia card on a my Benq ex2510 Freesync monitor.

I did a clean install with DDU before the swap.

Im using a Display Port cable.

Other things I have noticed, I can no longer get my monitor to display Freesync Premium OFF, turning off the normal settings in Adrenalin software and Windows has no effect.

The only time I can see it set to OFF is when the PC boots up and I check the display before windows boots, as soon as Windows boots, it is switched on and locked at 144hz

If anyone could maybe point out some thing to try that would be great.


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Journeyman III

Hello, I have the same monitor and upgraded from a 1060 to a 6700xt. I have noticed the same behaviour. From the BenQ website:

"FreeSync will be turned OFF when users disable it from the Radeon Control Panel, or the AMD graphics card driver in other words.

It is normal that the monitor OSD data still shows Freesync On and it is because AMD graphic card is still sending signal with Freesync protocol while Freesync function if turned OFF (the fps is fixed). This is the behavior from AMD graphic card and it won’t affect the Freesync On/Off function."

I have never seen any tearing with freesync on, so I assume it's working but it doesn't report the refresh rate like the Nvidia cards do.


Hi there, thanks for the information you have from BENQ.

Do you think that also means the refresh rate reported by the monitor is bugged also?

However I can set say in game to 100hz and the monitor will show as 100hz.

I also have no screen tearing but it does not matter the setting I choose.

I have also noticed on the BenQ website that the model is not coming up in the search and if you try to contact them for tech support our model is not shown in the list to choose. A Google search does find a web page on BenQ but it is a very basic with just a 1 driver. I have today contacted BenQ via the general enquirys option to see if they have any thoughts. I have not had anything back from AMD yet.

If I get any progress or more information I will update this post.


I was able to do a test that confirms Freesync is working but the monitor doesn't report the correct refresh rate.

Same framerate, VSYNC OFF, panning camera.

First image is with Freesync OFF, 68 FPS, monitor reports "Freesync ON, 144Hz".

Second is with Freesync ON, 68 FPS, monitor reports "Freesync ON, 144Hz"


If you want to try this yourself, turn vsync OFF and use "ALT+R" to bring up the AMD overlay in game and toggle Freesync on and off.



Thanks for the extra information, very helpful.

Yes I can confirm, I tested this yesterday and I get the exact same issue.

I could accept and move on if it was confirmed just to be a bug in the monitor information however I am unable to test the hz the monitor is displaying other than what the display is showing.

However I think we have exactly the same issue, its just if the monitor is at fault or the fact we changed from NVidia to AMD or AMD do not support our monitor.

I have had some feedback from BENQ but they requested a video showing the issue, so I am waiting on further updates from them.

If you want to force the monitor overlay to show/stop Freesync premium off, you can set blur reduction in the monitor settings to ON. It will revert as soon as you switch blur reduction OFF.

Adept I

Just to add, I have had feedback from BenQ and it seems the issue is with the AMD software and our current monitor.


From BenQ

Our engineers have confirmed the issue is with AMD software.

For FreeSync, monitor depends on AMD software signal requirement to produce this advanced function.
So there is not much we can do about the current issue unfortunately.

We would recommend to contact AMD for further assistance.


Hope this helps if anyone has the same monitor and it's really just if AMD can add the compatibility from this point.


Of course Benq would like to make you believe that the ENTIRE problem is with AMD GPU software.  Borrow a better monitor like MSI, ASUS, SAMSUNG, even ACER.   I still recall problems with their monitors when they first hit the market.  

Your problem is definitely caused by an incompatibility issue with the newer hardware and Benq is not going to fix it and AMD should not be criticized for obsolescence of other hardware.

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Journeyman III

Hi, how did you managed to do it on your 1070. I'm unable to get the configuration fine, right on my 1070. Can you please list down the configurations.