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Journeyman III

FIRST Youth Robotics Sponsorship

Dear AMD Team Member,

We are a global level First Robotics FTC Team based out of The North Carolina School of Science and Math, in Durham, North Carolina. This past year, 2018-2019 our team was a Connect Award finalist and claimed 19th position for the Global Qualifier. When at the State Level competitions we were the Connect Award winners and Captain of the Winning Alliance. We are hoping to achieve any level of sponsorship or cooperation. Last year we made it to the global finals and we believe we have a shot at victory in the upcoming 2020 season, however, this is a costly endeavor and any help will go a long way. In addition, it would be an honor to advertise AMD in anyway we can, whether that is on our shirts, robot or shouting it from the rooftops. I hope this reaches somebody at AMD who has the ability to move this forward. If anybody else who finds this knows of a better way to get in contact with AMD or anyone else who would be interested in a sponsorship position please let me know at Thank you for your time.

-Team 8569 (David Farber-Partner Relations)