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Journeyman III

Fedex lost RMA shipment package??


I sent my RMA shipment last Wednesday(12/9/2020) with provided Fedex label from AMD.


Originally estimate arrive date was yesterday(12/14/2020). but estimate date was changed to pending and doesn't show transit history after ship from destination.


Looks like lost the package from Fedex.


Just I want to know that if the Fedex lost the package, How should I do??


Here is ticket no and RMA info.


Ticket# : 8201031419
RMA# : 2000300070


Thank you.

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I would contact AMD and let them know that the package may have been lost or if they have received it. Then I would first call FedEx Customer Service or visit a FedEx office and find out the status of your package.

They may tell you what issue they are having delivering the package or they will tell you to either contact AMD and let them know or they will open an investigation to see what happened to the shipment.

I had a similar situation with Amazon when I returned some expensive computer parts via UPS. I kept checking the tracking order and after more than a week it hadn't been picked up so I called UPS Customer Service and they mentioned for me to contact Amazon since they are the one to initiate a shipping investigation.

When I started a "chat" with Amazon Customer Service they mentioned they had received the computer parts about 3 - 4 days after I turned them in for shipping. Seems like UPS had the wrong information on the shipment.