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Adept II

Epic Games and Radeon Profiles

Steam, Uplay, GOG, Origin. All these launchers have something in common with regards to Radeon Settings. My fellow Gamers, there is one launcher who fails to "fall in line," who dismisses the "way things are," and must stand out like some trail blazing "pain in the neck" maverick. Fortniters, I'm speaking about Steam-game-stealing Epic. 

You buy and download Outer Worlds. It's installed and ready to be played and explored. You immediately right click to open your Radeon Games settings like you've done thousands of times before. A click on the Games tab and...where's the Outer Worlds gaming profile? Surely you've downloaded it, correct? I mean you sat there for nearly an hour (okay maybe 35's not a huge game) watching that stupid youtube video about picking up chicks at Burning Man and eyeing the Epic download icon. You click SCAN, assuming it'll pick it up, aaaand NOPE! Seriously? You have to click Browse and go rooting around your own directories for it like some CIA trained hacking spy? Should you be wearing a ski mask, too?

Steam games always proudly spring right up there like "HERE AM AM!" Is Epic ashamed of something? Do they lack enough self confidence to show their ip's on Radeon Settings? I am by no means a fan of Epic. There is this, they lack an FPS counter, and they don't include a message board for game reviews and such. I buy from them seldom and ONLY when I just can't wait a year for a particular game to drop elsewhere...anywhere. If they want to be taken seriously as an even level contender with the likes of Steam and Uplay then they need to grow some balls. 

You stole off the booty!