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Adept III

Dual GPU ISSUES any help ❤️❤️


windows 11.  One sata. One m.2
I have two GPUs one on the 4.0 PCIe at 16 and the next on the last PCIe but running at 3.0 PCIe @1 


Drivers and everything run fine except when I’m in the Adrenalin software at manual gpu setups the screen sticks/ locks every four seconds.  Say your scrolling up and down with your mouse and nothing else, the scroll sticks/stops for a full second then you can scroll again and repeats every four seconds.  You can game on the first card no problem.


heres the tech specs 

gigabyte aorus b550 elite full atx

64gb ddr4 3600m/t crucial 16gb sticks single sided all matched.

ryzen 9 5900x

first gpu hellhound rx7900xt

second xfx 319 rx7600xt

thermaltake tower 500. Big big case massive area for cooling.

360 AIO rad water cooler.  62c it’s ever got up to running cinebench etc.  fans blowing into case.

coolermaster P850watt psu 

gpus do not run heavy loads together normally.  But I have ran both at the same time which pulls 670watts with the entire case cpu gpu lighting mb etc etc. 


if I disable the rx7600xt with device manager the fans stay running on low? 
If I disconnect the rx7600xt problem gone.    

both cards function fine and are new.  It’s an issue with software or drivers when it’s in dual gpu modes.  Any ideas?  Setting changes?  The bios pcie is on auto but GPUZ shows them connected correctly and running on the correct pcie lanes. Main 4.0@16. Secondary 3.0@1 lane.  The second card only need to do math and not graphics which is why it’s only at 1 lane. Which is how I want it anyway.  But the driver don’t like it for some reason.   If I continue to scroll the mouse the driver will crash sometimes and reset.  Little bug window report from Amd etc.


if anyone has insight please.. do chat me up. -and thanks in advance!  Team red!!


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Have you tried the secondary card in the PCI Express x16 slot (PCIEX2), integrated in the Chipset:
- Supporting PCIe 3.0 x2 mode

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

Update. This is weird.  

disconnected the second gpu and go into the bios and it now shows 2x8 PCIe ?  Ok so I selected 2x8

boot into windows first main GPU now showing supports 4.0 x16 and connected at 4.0x8. Ok good!!!


Install the second gpu. Boot into windows. Check GPUz -

First card back to 4.0x16. Second card at 3.0 x 2?  Then jumps back and forth to 3.0x4 to 3.0x1 1.1. Like what?  On the fly. No restart. Every 8-10 seconds. Hahaha


So disconnected everything and back to one gpu. Lmao.   I checked the riser cable and it passes so it’s not that. Maybe once two cards are connected it gets interference or something.  I do know either the drivers are buggy or the bios is buggy.  Something.. 



Adept III

Yes, does that same thing.  I did mess with it last night and found when it does freeze for that one second,  the pci@2 card clock speed goes to 3ghz then back down to 20mhz?  I’ve also tried a few different bios setting just to force the correct amount of lanes.  I know the second card will run off the chipset if I keep the master card at 16 lanes.  My board don’t have the 2 by 8x option either.  Kinda stinks.   Don’t know why it jumps to 3ghz every 4 seconds tho..   might have to just forget 2 gpu or a completely different mb..  oh also zero onboard gpu 5900x etc. 

So right now it’s set at 4.0@x16. Rx7900xt.  The rx7600xt is now 3.0@x2.   This is with the bios set at PCIe mode 2.  Still does the exact same thing. Lmao.  Very odd..


also moving to the correct slots too. The second PCIe full slot is the 3.0x2 “PCIe1x2”. The next is the tiny PCIe 3.0x1cant use.. And the next is the PCIe full slot 3.0x1. “Pcie1x1”


You're right, mid-level boards used to support dual x8 off the CPU when using two cards, but in AM4 all the B550/B450/B350 secondary PCIe slots run off the chipset and get x2 or x4 at most.

Seems you have to step up to the X570 to get dual x16 slots run off the CPU. (@ x8 x 2)

Guess AMD figured everyone wants their extra PCIe lanes for SSDs, rather than cards.

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT