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Journeyman III

crash/reboot in game


Hello,(sorry I use google translate) my pc crash/reboot (no bsod) in game. sometimes after 10mins sometimes not, it depends on the game.

I tried clean install windows, updated the bios, tried without D.O.C.P, other ram kit, resizable bar on/off, SAM off/on

 No crash with OCCT/benchmark...Psu test etc etc

It's only in game and on PUBG it does it more frequently than other games it seems, I can play 2 hours without crashing and 10mins crashing... but it also happens on CS2 and Escape from Trakov.

I don't know if it's the graphics card since it doesn't crash with tests on OCCT.

The PC is 1.5 years old, the problem appeared 4/5 months ago, as it was rare I didn't really try to solve it. Since I've been playing PUBG again it's been terrible.

I have an error in the observation log that happens often 
"The server Windows. Gaming.GameBar. PresenceServer.Internal .PresenceWriter did not register with DCOM within the required timeout."

PC: B550 a gaming/5800x3d/6900xt/32go 3200mhz/850w gold. 2 screens 1440p 165hz and 280hz. NO MANUAL OC GPU/CPU, all temps are ok.

Thanks you
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