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Journeyman III

Cleaning a Wraith Spire Cooler

Ok people I just posted this same question to AMD. Now to see if anyone else has tackled this yet & what your process is. I am going to remove my Wraith cooler to replace the thermal paste in it. This is the first time since I built the system in 2019 at the beginning of ZEN 2 release. While I am doing that I would like to REALLY do a thorough cleaning of it. Yes I know compressed air is the focus tool to be used. BUT, is there a way to separate the cooler to get to the cooling fans without causing damage? If you have an external link to this question(i.e. Google, YT,) I would appreciate your input.



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Re: Cleaning a Wraith Spire Cooler

The circular duct is held on by Plastic Clips as opposed to Screws, hidden beneath. 
You can remove it with some careful prying giving you direct access to the Fan Blades as well as being able to properly clean the Duct itself.

Also if you're okay with your system being MIA for a few hours while it drys... once you take off the Duct and unscrew the Fan; you can simply simply soak the Heatsink in Warm Water to fully clean it out without compressed air. 

I tend to use Compressed Air on areas that are difficult to access or have delicate Electronic Parts.