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Adept I

Cant buy from EU AMD store

I dont know what cause this issue, but cant buy any RX 6000 card even it does not show "Out off stock" and it allow me to "add to cart" and pass by captcha. After few seconds later it shows message "Item cannot be added to basket"... 


Even cards that appear to be in stock with just "Add to cart" option on main page and the same "Add to cart" in card page with no "out of stock" warning, they proceed to captcha check which I pass and again window with "No item wass added to your basket" appear.



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Journeyman III


J'ai le même problème, impossible d'acheter depuis EU AMD store. Pourrions-nous avoir des informations sur la disponibilité réelle des stocks svp?

Adept II

Don't bother yourself. It's impossible to buy a gpu from AMD store and I mean it IMPOSSIBLE. 

I've been trying for more than 5 months weekly and never ever could add a single gpu to cart.

I think AMD gpus that appear in the store are only fictional and who ever say they have bought one are lying or use bots. 

What makes it worse AMD keeps on changing the drop time, they think they are giving more and more opportunities to people to buy but they forgot that only machines have the patience to  wait for a day on a website waiting for a drop. Bad move from AMD. 

I was first happy to see more cpus available but gpus was the crises. 

No hope can be found here without a queue. 

Yes is my conviction too. I have tried it for weeks, but the only constant is that have no chance. For me today its worse like no week before. Irconic that the RX6900XT and the RX6800XT Black Edition is still available today. Nevertheless you cannot buy it because you will not get into the cart. Maybe i wait for a RTX3080 instead.


AMD should let us buy over the Radeon Software Center, so they know that real users (gamer) are buying this GPUs. Because ebay is already full with scalper cards obviously bought here in the store This is just sad, that they make this behaviour possible.

I'm a (very) long time AMD customer, and i guess you guys who make the effort to post in the forums too. Why not honor your real customers and protect them from this scum who want to make a buck out of our missery? Think about it AMD.

AMD user since 1994

Scalping cards from official web store has no sence, because warranty is limited to original purchaser. If they are reselled there is no warranty covered. Ppl who reselling those cards and say card has 2 years warranty from AMD just lie.


Here the same.. no possibility to buy it 


trying for long time to get a GPU. I´m still not ready to pay double or more for a gpu. Don´t know how people manage to get a GPU from the AMD store.

why AMD do not register e-Mails and drop only one card for any e-mail account or billing adress/paypal account. technical it is really much more possibility to stop scalpers and miners from buying a card.

so for now i just hope, that the prices will get more down in the next few month and i hope my old GTX1060 will survive till i have the chance to buy a new GPU for a normal price.

You expect waaaaaay to much from sales people at AMD. Engineers are awesome but sales people (at least not B2B) are barely smarter than rotting pigeon's corpse.


"Scalping cards from official web store has no sence, because warranty is limited to original purchaser. If they are reselled there is no warranty covered. Ppl who reselling those cards and say card has 2 years warranty from AMD just lie." I have no idea where you found this stupidity. In EU warranty is attached to the product, not buyer. AMD or any other company has no choice but to honour warranty on the product no matter who bought it.

only for store bought the warranty is attached for 2 years, not for 2nd hand....


You have literally no idea what you are talking about. EU law doesn't give a f*ck about source of the hardware. It can be 40th hand as long as you have receipt. **bleep** even when you don't have receipt but product is less than a 2 years on the market you still have manufacturer's warranty at least 'till the end of 2 years since release period. Manufacturer or store can write whatever they want but warranty is attached TO THE PIECE OF HARDWARE and NOT THE ORIGINAL OWNER. Like there are literally multiple cases from all EU states where manufacturers tried to do what you describe and highest courts in land decied that nope, warranty moves with the hardware.

This is EU law....
Second–hand goods that you buy from private individuals are not covered by EU consumer rules. However, if an individual seller on an auction site is operating as a business, for example, they are making their living by reconditioning and selling second-hand mobile phones, then they are considered a professional trader, and your second-hand goods are covered by EU rules.

Journeyman III

the issue persists and i would like to know why it takes so long to fix it.

It's no fun to seem to be able to buy a card and then get a "cannot be added to cart, continue shopping" -.-

Today the same situation, but I was there in 10 seconds after option add to cart appeared, but it was already out of stock. Seriously? All cards sold in 10 seconds? How many of them were restocked 10? This is ridicolous!


Seriuosly AMD. I know You want helping to players so more of them can get hands on your products, but this aint helping to players, but only scalpers and bots. For players this is TORTURE!